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Movie Comments

loosetie13 03/20/2015
While it's a shame there are no ties in this video, I must say I'm not sure Logan has ever looked hotter than in that sexy white shirt and suit!

PornfanHH 03/20/2015
Fucking hot!

abc375266731 03/20/2015
real boring

masstiehemd 03/20/2015
De + en + nul..... porno banal et meme pas de cravate...... J'attends encore un peu vraiment pour voir.... mais je vais désabonner! More and more bad video..... commonplace porn and no tie ...... I still wait a little really to see .... but I am going to cancel a subscription!

roenne 03/20/2015
boring boring boring did you guys forget how to make films nothing to peak intrest

colik555 03/20/2015
I'm done with this site. Content doesn't apply to my taste anymore. Good luck with your new audience.

johnnyt43 03/20/2015
Logan is such a professional, great job!!!

edfries 03/20/2015
I am almost there also.

olderbutsexy 03/20/2015
Good sex. Pretty boy Logan, good to see him active gives the stud Isaac what he wants up his arse ... good work guys, thanks :)

Jon62 03/20/2015
Pretty poor, I am afraid. An extremely mild take on this site's main theme. Could be the first MAP movie featuring no tie ! Not sure that's the way forward for current customer base.

everhard12321 03/21/2015
What I find most disappointing about this film is not the lack of genuine suit sex--in which at least one of the participants is dressed head to foot in smart attire, a tie included, and there is sustained sensual interaction with the clothing--but the fact that the film lacks any semblance of plot and setting. Like other men who subscribe to this site, I was drawn in by earlier films which featured men with Adonis physiques dressed in stylish, tailored suits getting it on in fantastical scenarios. Rogan Richards, Alex Marte, Tomas Brandt, Dato Foland, Jake Genesis, Scott Hunter, Flex, and others elevated this site and the films it produced into the stratosphere of gay porn. In recent months, MAP has tried to expand the suit fetish into other areas, and I applaud Matt and Rico for it, but "Up4it" is, sadly, the nadir of MAP's extensive catalogue. Logan Moore and Isaac Eliad are not to blame; this film is the product of lazy filmmaking, nothing more. Compared to such MAP classics as "Non Capisco", "Harry's Appraisal", "Driven", "Bespoke" and "The Line Up", this film is limp and lifeless and fails to use these sexy models to their best abilities. Every filmmaker has at least one feature that flops. I hope the Matt and Rico learn from the failure of this film and return to the styles and production values that made them a premiere adult entertainment site. I am always rooting for them and I will never cancel my subscription to Menatplay. I realize that not all flicks can be five star features, but I know that the site can offer better films than this. For now, I'll just brush of "Up4it" and rewatch some of the earlier films that made Menatplay such a hot, dynamic site. As I've written in previous reviews, it's time for Matt and Rico to get back to basics.

hornymancholudo 03/21/2015
Logan Moore is definitely best model eve, i just cum only to see that sexy blue eyes and amazing budy, love all his videos and this one wih sexy isaac uffff

Peterhug 03/21/2015
I agree with the comments that this is formulaic and doesn't press many buttons for me. I would like to see much more developed scenarios. Personally I enjoy power play involving at least one participant reluctant to lose their smart suit and humiliated by being naked. For example the strip poker scenes work for me. I'm also turned on by seeing immaculately dressed guys having their clothing trashed. Loads of possibilities here, the filthier the better. Be more daring please!

karlcocksuit 03/21/2015
I quite like this the eye contact the kissing. Nice big thick uncut cocks. Its got love and lust. It would be good if you added some music to your films like in the past. Dance music. Tge type you used in Steve Hoopers spunking ovdr his tuxedo. Karl

Rainer75 03/21/2015
I just try the same. I concentrate to these handsome faces of both men and filter the sexual effort for me. My needs so are not fulfilled and my fetish is forgotten just for MAP can say they serve also the mainstream scene...

mtmslg 03/21/2015
Any movie starring Logan Moore is just fine with me!

Hausmannskost 03/22/2015
BOOOORING ! I'm done with this site. Content doesn't apply to my taste anymore.

Ryans 03/22/2015
Hey, where are the ties?

PALEX 03/24/2015
nice pure white shirt, I d like to know the brand

PALEX 03/24/2015
nice pure white shirt, I d like to know the brand

ilst 03/26/2015
Way too much facial hair these days :-(

suitedattitude 03/27/2015
I am in total agreement with these, and related, comments. Whilst the production values on the site remain sky high and I am sympathetic to the problems of trying to come up with something new week in week out, the whole thing is becoming far too reliant on models at play not men at play (whilst in work dress) and in large numbers of movies the suits are a complete irrelevance. The rough guy with suit guy theme is also being overly flogged to death at present - the bar type scenes shown earlier this year were a lot nearer the mark. I dispute the claim that all the market will sustain is body body body as apart from anything else you are losing your USP. I have supported this site from day one and, whilst groaning on occasion at the watering down, have stood by it. I am however like many others growing tired of the lack of imaginative suit related content and will also be clear that all the suit fetishists I know, which run into many dozens, have long since bothered to subscribe so you have lost significant custom that you could have retained. If you are that fed up with the complaints and so unenthusiastic to respond, I suggest you quietly lay the site to rest rather than destroy further what were once great achievements.

karlcocksuit 03/27/2015
Its the in thing ive got the same style beard as them both & tall with a hairy body and a big thick uncut cock. Cant think of anything hotter with these 2 Men-Big cocks hairy muscular bodies

coxnsox 04/04/2015
Hot scene. Hot Men until Logan was completely naked... Would like to see more of Logan Moore but only if he keeps his socks on

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Aah thanks thats sweet

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
So tell me what would you love to see over here On map,?

Loganmoore 05/29/2015

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Hehe thnx mister

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Hey guys, sorry to hear that you didn't like this movie. Its true there is always one movie at the bottom and one at the top. But still hope you Will stay on at map because there is more hotness coming. And if you guys have any fantasies or tips you like to share email map, everything is possible. You even can email me with this and I Will talk personaly with map. [email protected]