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A very handsome chap with the most beautiful eyes. Loved the fact he loves his nipples as much as his cock, and it was a nice twist to have him dress up, and having a decent pocket square in his top pocket, completed the picture for me ending with the exp

whoa! Alex Marte is super hot! I'm glad I came back to join, thank u! And thanks Alex!

I think Alex MARTE has a great body. In my opinion the proportions vote. Otherwise I am not the solos, but this is an exception. Also I have to agree the judgment of another MAP member in the which he writes that Alex has beautiful eyes. The orgasm at the

ordinary shooting with an ordinary guy... sorry.. but before final decision we have to see him in action...

vinlek13 08/27/2010
what an awsome body...........just by looking at his butt and his thighs i came twice..........i just want to suck that ass all day and all night...i am going for my next round jack off session

This echoes both Early Riser with the lovely Rick Bauer and Psyched Up with Enrique, both of which - frankly - were infinitely better. Whilst the last few minuties are horny and the production values are sky high, the suit doesn't even go on for 15 minut

P.S. The clip using music from the movie "Nine" at the start was fun though I have to say there is a scene in that movie involving a lot of guys dancing in suits that is way hotter LOL

admin 08/27/2010
Well actually yes, amazingly gorgeous beautiful men does tend to float most people's boats. Everyone apart form you that is, who as usual has some rude and inane comment to make if everything isnt to your own particular taste. Rico

ciao 08/28/2010
Bored me too,waited all week for what !!

Did anyone else see a common theme between this video and the solo the Conner did a couple of weeks ago? In both cases, the images that both were wanking to was themselves. The approaches where very different, but I noticed that both men ended up in the

flyerguy2002 08/28/2010
Hey ..Twins in suits! can we ever see ident! twins in suits fucking around with each other?!!! A hot thought. Wish they existed... I'd go up over the Deeeeep END /;} mmmmmmmmm... Mirrors are not enough...

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of solos. But Alex Marte is such a beautiful man, I really enjoyed this one. What a feast for the eyes! I also like the mirror effect. I read somewhere once that making love to a person of the same sex is like "kissin

Alex is one hot guy. There is nothing more beautiful than a handsome, well built Italian man in a dark suit.

So hot!!!! Alex looks so good in that suit the trousers fit like a glove. A very sexy man in a beautifully produced video.

I don't usually get into solo videos, but I couldn't take my eyes off this guy.

He's tantalizingly brawny , mouthwateringly sexy, irresistibly callipygian. I could devour him as a delicious dessert. Could you please use him in a video with another guy?

Thank you again!!!!

He's the HOTTEST model you have right now!!! Thank you for having him!!!

Is there any chance of getting a second movie showing the tuxedo sequence in more depth? Even a behind the scenes look at the tuxedo sequence being shot? I signed up especially to see more of this guy in the tux and I'm disappointed there was no more foot

Matt Jordan 08/29/2010
Yes we will definitely put together a longer version of the tux photoshoot in the behind the scenes section at some point dont worry

Thank you so much for complying with my request and providing a prompt reply. What a fantastic site this is!

Amen, brother!

ww he's amazing!!!!

smoothpete 08/30/2010
One VERY sexy boi. Rverse strip incredible. What a body! More please.

Is Alex going to bottom in a future movie?

There's something about swarthy Italian men, the way they hold and carry themselves, they ooze a raw masculinity from every pore of their body. They like to show off and arent ashamed to do so. their magnetism and charisma. This sums up Alex Marte, from h

ciao 08/30/2010
Thanks Matt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,More Tux Action !!


Rainer75 08/30/2010
For me he looks like a doorman from a russian disco. Most interesting his ass in a too narrow suit pant but nothing special. Maybe I want too much or my taste is unorthodox - oozing charisma for me is more erotic than fitness-studio-shaped-muscles. So

Everyone has different tastes, their likes and dislikes, what turns one person on, might turn another person off. Its not good or bad, its just that we ALL have individual, distinct tastes.

My comments were neither "rude" nor "inane" and if you scroll through the user comments I am not alone in finding this movie boring. I have given this site huge support over the years having been one of the first to register and given much praise when I

No Rainer you were not alone on this one.

Great sexy model and the intro (of him a tux - more please) and the end when he was beautifully suited with that big Windsor Knot and cutaway collar were superb - the bits the in the middle and all the nudity seemed a waste of time though! I am looking f

Spad1 08/30/2010
The reverse striptease is a nice idea but I'm afraid this guy just didn't work for me. I've no patience with narcissists. I've met too many in my life!

Boy, you just don't know when to stop, do you?

very sexy guy, i loved the intro in the tux, but sadly when you download the movie the intro is not included! (map team-could this be altered) :-(

businessguy1 09/01/2010
I love a sexy virile man! Will there be any photos of Alex in his tuxedo posted in the galleries?

sparty 09/02/2010
What a yawnfest!

PC error,sorry

This man is GOGEOUS, THAT FACE, THAT BODY, THAT ASS!!!! be still my erection, true the vid was boring but put him with another hot dude and thens see what he does.


PS: If you can't take the heat, perhaps you should stay out of the kitchen.

Absolutely fuckin' gorgeous man! More of him please!!

windsor62 09/06/2010
that model is amazing !!! hope the Vanity II !

Best MAP solo......ever ! Thanks guys ...

An absolutely incredible and beautiful man ! In any aspect this was flawless masculinity ! Love Ya ! Alex

You're my kinna man, dude! So sorry I was born too soon!!!

Zacharie 10/28/2010
That's the kind of arse legends are made of; I trust we'll be seeing a lot more of the entire package. He epitomizes why this site is the go-to place for executive quality MASCULINE MEN, and those who admire them. No twinks here, baby.

adios71 11/06/2010
El mejor en años, sin duda. The best!

Albert12345 11/09/2010
best solo man,good!

i became a member when i saw him in the preview! pls more with gorgeous guys! cant take my eyes on him solo or with someone!

why do really big guys always have such little dicks? BORING!

Matt Jordan 11/23/2010
probably same reason ugly skinny guys have big dicks - just karma

Rainer75 11/24/2010
And you are a huge endowed world famous porn actor yourself?

Wow! Now this is worth paying for...can't have enough of him...

Great cock! Great foreskin! Great load! He and Matt Hughes should do a sequence together.

Beautiful, the full package. Looks good naked and in his suit, particularly liked his breast pocket handkerchief, nicely folded and just right, made him look very sexy. Look forward to seeing more of him.

I am FLABBERGASTED by such a COMMANDING QUIET SENSUALITY ( OR SEXUALITY!) ! being so GLORIOUSLY NAKED , he transcends "regular PORN"! His body , from head to toe is a miracle! Does he know how sexy he is? He seems to be unwilling to PERFORM ! The bea

So many of us can only dream of being lucky enough to be laying in the arms or between the legs of such an amazing man.

muito bom...homem gostoso do caralho...

What an effort! Nice tighty pants around Alex' ass though. And a stiff cock on show is a joy to behold. I think we should talk about this one Alex. Wear the same tie and my room no. is ............

Amazing! This what dreams are made of. His dick, ass, pecks the full package. I could watch this guy all day long.

Alex--Alessandro Marte--has to be one of the handsomest men ever to grace Menatplay! He is one uninhibited, hot, handsome, hung, Italian Stallion!

Very handsome :-)

i love him

Alex has the perfect body. Definately the hottest model you have. Would love if he had a picture gallery.

extremely hot....i love him...

The reason I joined He is perfect, beautiful and very masculine! Can't be beat!!! Looks fantastic in clothes (great styling by the way) and of course out of them too!!!

Very hot! What man :-)

Alex is the hottest guy on here!!

Yes, there is no one like him................

What a body!!!!!! wish I could have a body like his!! a real hunk

Alex Marti is one sexy, muscular, handsome Italian! Yes, Alex, you are one hell of a Stallion! Which is our way, of course, Of saying--"YOU'RE HUNG LIKE A HORSE!" Yes, Alex, we want you to know-- All of us would like to give you some well-deserved

hi Alex, my name is chris from middle east living in Australia you are amazing stud,but how can i have you for one night and ask what you want!!!!! just send me a message and i will call u .your lips and teeths chest and niples are hectic.

One of the hottest guys here, if not the hottest. This guy is drop dead gorgeous. Beautiful in every way. One thing, enough with the tatoos.

Alex (ad this director) knows that a hot man ni a suit is even sexier than a hot man naked. Especially if his cock is rock hard.

77mojito 08/23/2012
I find Alex Marte the HOTEST Man now at menatplay ! His Cock his body his looks etc are to die for ! He is so sexy so sensual it just oozes out. i love him. Awesome !

Wonderful man, wonderful film. With that you won me over in splitseconds...


olderbutsexy 10/13/2014
The top of the tree ... such a beautiful and sensual man, bravo, bravissimo

Pablo 02/03/2022