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Movie Comments

[email protected] 01/02/2015
my they sure know how to fuck

loosecollarntie 01/02/2015
Very hot film guys, great to see some more loose collar and tie action as well!

louiscapet6 01/02/2015
Please, to make us happy for this year(2015),as a resolution, can you fire your cameraman: he is so focus on genitals when yours marvelous guys climax, that's make us each time sad. Thank's!

olderbutsexy 01/02/2015
Gents, bravo - this is so hot it burns the screen. Maikel is a Big Butch Boy and Denis is a star; he gets fucked so marvelously, he is so vocal and passionate. A triumph to begin 2015 with <3

masstiehemd 01/02/2015
Happy New Year has all the Men At Play's team with the wish of credit note of good movies in suit(costume) collar, as the one that you made us to begin well the year... We can sometimes criticize, but because you are our favorite site of video and " who likes, chastises well " Bonne Année a toute l'équipe de Men At Play. avec le souhait d'avoir de bons films en costume cravate, comme celui que vous nous avez fait pour bien commencer l'année... On peut parfois critiquer, mais parce que vous êtes notre site de vidéo préfére et "qui aime bien, chatie bien"

shinytrackies 01/03/2015
LOVE this.. His shiny suit is so hot :-)

harvey 01/03/2015
Happy New Year, MAP! Great film to start the new year. Maikel and Denis are two of my favorites, so this was a real treat for me. I loved the chemistry between these two beautiful men. The sensual opening scenes were actually the hottest for me; when they are checking each other out, even before anything sexual happens. Also, I don't usually comment on the clothes that much, but the clothes were outstanding in this film. Love the gray suit with the pink shirt and tie that Denis is wearing and the dark, shiny, shark-skin type suit Maikel is wearing is absolutely gorgeous. Happy New Year again MAP and keep up the great work!

NylonOTCs 01/04/2015
Very hot and very erotic seductive moves with hip action and ass action ..Maikel is HOT and of course, so is Denis and that pretty sexy round sweet cheeks ass!!!....Maikel has the most BEAUTIFUL COCK!!! and the thick juicy white cum is over the top!..HOT cock with a HOT ass....You made the night right!!!....Really good move into 2015!!!...Thanks as always, MAP.

georgeroundy 01/04/2015
this an excellent film to start 2015 with, mr. cash is just great..more please! mr. vega..please stop making that abominable groaning noise, yes we all like cock but this just sounds like a boring? tape loop. love geoXX.

loosetie13 01/05/2015
Agreed! Denis looks very hot in his loose tie as always - keep it up!

raven 01/06/2015
My minority opinion is that while Maikel and Denis are drop dead good looking and have luscious genitalia, the sex was totally autoerotic and I didn't sense any chemistry between these hot men .Dennis worked himself into s heavy sweat getting himself off and Maikel was completely self absorbed in pleasuring himself.. The groaning was mechanical and boring as noted by georgeroundy. I would have enjoyed some semblance of passion shared between these overheated dogs.What is Denis' vice? that of being just another horn dog just like his partner( and the men is your viewing audience). Raven

ken4cock 01/07/2015
Perfect interplay of equally matched hot studs. Pleasure on the rocks and ring around the cocks.

suitedattitude 01/10/2015
Happy new year. Love this - partly the models and that luscious shiny suit (wow) but also the vigour of the fully suited fucking, now that is how to do it men!

suitedattitude 01/23/2015
You can get the Feraud suit at a well known discounter in the UK btw, I have...

pamelanil 01/24/2015
Does anyone knows where to get that suit worn by maikel. Hope someone could help - I like that fabric ..

pamelanil 01/24/2015
Let me know ... It's hard to get suit like what maikel wears ..

pamelanil 01/25/2015
can tell me where u got the suit,....been hunting high and low

suitedattitude 01/30/2015
I am not sure I am supposed to advertise on here but TK Maxx

ethanzileri 01/31/2015
Its a petty that shoes never appeared in the camera!!!! If this is a suit fetish place, shoes should also be part of it!

alextian1304 02/04/2015
nice fuck scene

pamelanil 03/05/2015
Still haven't get any reply about Mikail cash suit

PornfanHH 03/06/2015
So HOT! Denis' perfect muscular butt drives me always crazy! I lost a lot of sticky juices while watching this.

maliksexy 04/25/2015

seahbh 04/30/2015
fucking activities contribute to global warming, even more so with sex involving 2 super-duper masculine hunks and with the intensity of coitus

LORIS 08/17/2015
Great sex, very hot scene - Maikel's cock is fantastic with that big, fat head. It must be an awesome pleasure to ride it and feel it deeply in the ass !

freesiafirdaus90 01/21/2016
menatplay, more scene like this please...

robicart 02/22/2016
Maikel Cash is just one of the sexist men on any site. And here he is in top form.

albert.hosenfeld 05/05/2018
I love this film speacially because of that black shiny suit I want to know where could I find a suit like this! if anyone knows please let me know.

robicart 02/10/2019
Maikel taking his beautiful dick and balls out and following when he walks over to Denis and then Denis taking his dick out and then sucking Maikel's beautiful dick is just fantastic.

robicart 03/26/2019
Maikel Cash has the most wonderful dick.

robicart 04/18/2019
This one always makes me cum.

robicart 05/31/2019
From 2:36 ff is great. Maikel pulls out his beautiful dick and balls. Then from 4:10 ff Then when Denis starts sucking. Wow, wow, wow! I wish Maikel had also sucked Denis' big dick.