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Movie Comments

colik555 07/17/2015
How about you run a contest for one of your members to come up with a great story line. Then you guys make it come to life. Thoughts?

smartguy 07/17/2015
Great Movie, Very Horny. Well Made and Realistic. Well Done!A*****

Matt Jordan 07/17/2015
its a great idea and we've tried it before . the issue is there are too many variables - such as location, 'allowed' themes (UK law has got more strict in the last year), and story lines involving speech as many times the models can't speak english. The

suitstudda 07/17/2015
Dear Matt, I have noticed that the British Law have gotten tougher for you guys. Are you doing a lot of your video outside England because of the strict laws and this why we see non-English speaking actors? The wideo "Watching-Waiting," is an outstanding

bradfittler 07/17/2015
I don't normally leave a comment, but I will do it for this one. Watching - Waiting, everyone should be happy about. James's clothes were on 80% of the time, he speaks english, and he has a tattoo but not being featured... he is easy on the eye and has

masstiehemd 07/17/2015
The very very good beginning and the undressing limited in the shower is very well also, the fucking ass, the one still dresses up it very well. You understood I do not like when they are naked everything them 2. I shall have seen well the continuation th

NYCfan 07/17/2015
more only beards. i think an explanation would be awesome. its beyond a fetish. or this could be a beard fetish site??

NYCfan 07/17/2015
I think many of us have asked this politely and not so politely--but please I think those o fuss who are not into seeing bearded men every week really deserve an answer. This site ideally should appeal to all of your members SOME of the time

Matt Jordan 07/17/2015
Ok ok Ill do my best to explain:- Hair on men , well mostly men some women manage to grow a small moustache, grows through what I think are called follicles. They grow and grow until they become visible on the surface of the skin. Some men in modern socie

cumchum 07/18/2015
This video is hot!! Beards or no beards - who cares!! I like the suit getting wet. More wet would have been even better and a shot of a hot body through a white is always good. Why get hung up on variables? Did it do the trick and get you horny? You're ly

cumchum 07/18/2015
I meant to say white shirt but I'm sure you got this.

NylonOTCs 07/18/2015
Very good!, MAP...Erotic and a movie you could not take your eyes off of the HOT sex!..Shower scenes are wonderful especially with two beautiful Beau's!!!....Loved it! more like this in the future. Thanks!

coxnsox 07/18/2015
just another generic porn movie

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
How is it generic? Which other porn movies have fully dressed men in suits having sex in a shower?

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
oh I see, "coxnsox", you're judging the value of a movie on whether it has socks in it or not right? So if he was wearing the right socks this wouldn't be a generic movie?

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
Ha ha , yes I didn't even notice the word was missing

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
hi suitstudda, although the laws are getting strict thats not the reason we film outside of the UK. Locations for filming porn are very difficult to come by in the UK whereas in Spain people are much more open to it and don't seem to mind as much so we ha

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
Hey bradfittler! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
I don't think men having beards is a valid reason to discriminate against them. Its a fashion. We at Menatplay don't control mens fashion, as much as we would like to

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
Thanks smart guy, I haven't got an A in a long time!

Matt Jordan 07/18/2015
As much as we would like to do full suited films start to finish we try to give a little something for everyone so as you say you got something from the fact that James was so well dressed and stayed dressed right through the sucking, rimming to the fuck

olderbutsexy 07/18/2015
Excellent,guys ... to my mind, not "generic" at all :) Fresh young hot guys, great fingering and fucking, and the rest; the customary very high MAP production values, with particularly good camera work ... maybe some people forget just how trashy most

olderbutsexy 07/18/2015
And Sam is a great new bottom - really looked like he enjoyed it!

mtmslg 07/18/2015
Matt, I love this site and have been with you FOREVER. I also LOVE that you comment so often. I appreciate that sometimes the comments can be kinda bitchy. But your response needn't be. Rise above the fray. In the case of beards, this type of comment

Suitsfan 07/18/2015
Another nice job, guys - a teasing, fully suited wank fantasy, and all the more welcome after the relatively disappointing 'Lawless' last week. Loved the eroticism of the beautifully suited exec being drawn fully clothed into the shower, and the passion

LORIS 07/18/2015
Superb work - I must say I had to refrain myself from squirting after first four minutes which rarely happens. But when James started rimming Sam's ass it was sudden total explosion because of such intense eroticism of the scene from the beginning. Both g

jameslin 07/18/2015
One thing that I do love is that very few models wear underwear these days. In early MAP videos going commando was quite rare but now wearing no underwearsseems to be the norm. I would love to see one video at least featuring a suit worn commando and with

cumchum 07/19/2015
Evening Matt. You are one hot guy! Are we likely to see a video on MAP of you? I'm sure a lot of us would like that. At least a solo would be nice. Don't be shy!

robicart 07/23/2015
It was a bit of a ho hum scene with two hot men.

NYCfan 07/24/2015
I realize that was sarcastic, but SADLY, Ive posted about 3 comments re: this very politely. I think that it's a very legitimate observation and I think that your sarcasm doesnt even answer the question--because if you gave a bitchy retort that contained

NYCfan 07/24/2015
Thanks for your comment. I just wrote to Matt. You're right my comment was bitchily written. I have very nicely written this observation before or even with polite humor, but not really getting an answer about why every model (and I think it is every m

NYCfan 07/24/2015
Yes, but Matt, every man has a beard. I'm sorry but this cannot be an accident. Also this is not for employment at an office job! This is a sexually oriented site. By that logic, I dont think you should discriminate against overweight men. Some peopl

Matt Jordan 07/25/2015
Honest answer already given. What more can I say. We dont hunt out bearded men to perform in porn films. We hunt out handsome men willing to perform in porn films. please dont be under any illusion that finding porn actors is as simple as finding a good l

1939skipper 07/26/2015
DUTCHUNCLE:=} So incendiary that it had to be filmed in a shower! Keep up the good work. Dankevoll

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
Definitely commando and shoes without socks are business office is rare to have an employee wearing a suit as a commando and also to wear shoes without sock (sweat ruin shoes and promote fungus) ...but is your fetish and desire!

joedoe1000 07/28/2015 are hiring actors based on the offer/demand law. If most of the models willing to act at MAP have a beard that is something you can;t control. What matter is to have handsome models, with great attitudes, and willing to deliver a great perform

hugo2014 08/07/2015
Matt, you guys are doing an awesome job. Why folks get so caught up in sox and underwear is totally beyond my comprehension when watching porn. Personally I thought it was hot from beginning to end. SO HOT!

rickis75 11/18/2015
i like the models to wear underwear, but i like them to take them off or at least to pull them down. it must be very difficult to please everyone

fkimdr 11/25/2015
Because this is a FETISH site my friend--if you don't care about those things then you can get your porn anywhere--gents come here for a specific reason -- so why do you pay for this site when if it doesn't matter you can get your porn so many different p