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pascha2 03/24/2017
OH .. yet another beautiful Friday with the arrival of another good exciting video ... different ... with beautiful models who know how to enjoy to please us and thank you to the photographer to give us the pleasure of showing us Also shoes, we love a lot +++.

musclefucks 03/24/2017
Not the best MAP movie I've seen. Robbie is a hot bottom, but he also has such a great cock; let's see him on top next time :)

musclefucks 03/24/2017
(He's also starting to put on weight.)

loosetie13 03/24/2017
Great video - what a hot combo! Loved the tie loosening, especially when Maikel kept pulling his tie as he fucked Robbie. And loved the way it ended too, with Robbie dragging Maikel off with his tie. Crying out for a sequel :-)

Sherman 03/25/2017
This is another boring video. No comment, the gentlemen had nice large cocks.........?

brisgay 03/25/2017
I for one loved this! I would have loved to have seen some of Maikel's suited butt as he fucked Robbie though!

Dan1762 03/25/2017
Sorry guys, another dull video with a dull set up. Robbie's a hot man but these two guys had zero chemistry.

forrester51 03/25/2017
Yet another boring "Top-only" scene by Maikel Cash. Maikel is still as hot as they come, but his refusal to do anything other than Top in a video was tired long ago. I would never pay even a penny to see another Top-only scene of his. I wish porn studious like Men At Play would stop featuring performers who aren't versatile. I'm not trying to make every actor a bottom, but damn, is it too much to ask for some versatility every now and then? Think about it, filet mignon is a delicious steak, but if you ate it every day, wouldn't you get tired of it?

everhard12321 03/25/2017
This film is a waste of time, talent, and resources. It was only because of Robbie Rojo that I watched it as long as I did (7:33). Maikel Cash looks like a demented clown, the music is whack, and the scenario is nonexistent. A word to the wise: keep Robbie and dump everything else. Menatplay is better than this.

Hausmannskost12 03/25/2017
The guys are hot, but the story is baaaad! :(

Rainer75 03/25/2017
One view. Never open this vid again for looking - not worth of it.

johnnyt43 03/25/2017
Maikel, looks a little creepy, and a waste of Robbie Rojo, he is awesome and only watched to see him. Terrible combo of guys. Robbie is hot because he doesn't show up in every porn movie these days.

Sherman 03/25/2017
This is the worst. No communication with each other. Let's move on to a new video..................

Hmmbear 03/26/2017

NylonOTCs 03/26/2017
Robbie is fucking adorable!!!...Nice ass, nice legs, feet esp with the nylon long socks on HOT!!!...He can fit in anywhere. "The Boy Next Door"...gorgeous cock!...I think if Maikel would smile a little in his role that would make for liking him much easier, not such a hard ass.. He has a great body also. But must admit he did look a bit "creepy" coming out of the doorway!...Maikel does not need to mess his hair. He could wear a clean cut "All American" look and sport it well. Someone said "Demented Clown" i cracked up!!!....Let's just say I would not want to meet up with Maikel looking like that alone on a dark road!!!...No smile, hair muffed up..Okay!, I'm scared now!!!.....The guys are still handsome just maybe some tweeking needed. My opinion. Robbie def. needs to top play with a cock like that one!!!.....Yummm!!!

Rainer75 03/26/2017
Apart from all that desaster, there is still a positive point: the still pics are viewable and downloadable directly at the MAP-side again. Hope this servece doesn't stop next week again. So the customer has not to search through the net and find the pics somewhere else. Unfortunately, it can be noted that almost all large studios like Lucas Entertainment are trying to spoil their customers while MAP has shortened their service step by step. The free expression of the MAP fan base is still the most positive aspect at the time.

robicart 03/26/2017
Two wonderful actors. It would be dynamite if Maikel also sucked Robbie's cock.

Sherman 03/27/2017
Markell is too cocky for his part. They do not communicate with each other. Bad video. Boring.

joedoe1000 03/30/2017
Boring and no chemistry. I don't find them elegant and/or sexy.

Sherman 04/02/2017
This is your worst video.........good luck with new actors...............just plain "boring".

ormond32 04/13/2017
Cumshot fail

goma86 04/13/2017

Sherman 04/15/2017
Worst video in over a year..............................

barneylincoln 07/21/2017
All that grunting and groaning for a tiny cum shot..I'll take credit not cash! Always good to see Robbie though gorgeous pouty mouth and lovely dick...UUUUUMMMMGGGHHH! Barney.

Bauer_ 08/14/2017
Beef isn't all that continental. Never was historically speaking.

stardusted 11/04/2017
More robbie rojo,please

robicart 03/21/2018
Great pairing. Very hot and sexy too. Love both guys. But I must have missed the part where Maikel sucks Robbie's big cock.

robicart 01/10/2019
Robbie's cum shot was miafnificent. Maikel's was not so great; but I loved the scene.

robicart 02/24/2019
Some good sequence in this. Missing: Maikel sucking Robbie's beautiful dick. He's good at it.

robicart 03/13/2019
Robbie playing with his dick is so sexy. Then Maikel playing with it is great. Wish he had sucked Robbie's dick. MAP didn't seem to think he could. On other sites he sucked dick really well. Then the scenes of him fucking Robbie are great.