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Men / Emir Boscatto

Emir Boscatto Vital Stats:

👍 111
Body Type:  Muscular
Eye Color:  Hazel eyed
Hair color:  Blonde
Nationality:  Argentinian
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Top
Age:  September 23rd

Former Big Brother contestant Emir Boscatto leaped into the world of gay porn on MENatPLay, the world's premier place for suited man-on-man action! At age 30, Emir came runner up in the 2011 Argentinian edition of the reality show and has been a regular face on the celebrity scene in Latin America, appearing in a number of TV shows and gaining a huge following on twitter. But Emir being the hot-blooded Latino that he is, has always had a desire to show his fans his other talents on camera. His stacked body, his blonde brown, almost auburn curls (a rarity on Menatplay) and his beautiful translucent hazel yes are perfect Menatplay material combining the ruggedness of a real man with a sensual beauty that can work so well in a tailored suit. Emir looks great in a shirt and tie, his hard-muscled physique busting through a tight white shirt is just as horny as seeing him stripped out of it. But his rough rugged looks make him perfect fantasy material for a construction worker, or mechanic type scenarios. Imagine going to pick up your car from the garage and being greeted by that body all greased up and sweaty, oiled and ready! So far Emir has been a total top but let's see if we can get him to offer up his Argentinian ass to some other fiery alpha male...

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Emir Boscatto Comments

PDVS 02/01/2020
Emir is amazing, fantastic body and a super hot ass!