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Movie Comments

Davis LeConte 10/21/2022

southerngent28 10/21/2022
Extraordinary! Loved that one guy stayed completely dressed! Well done!!

Rainer75 10/22/2022
This was hot but Gustavo Cruz and Nicholas Bardem would be the ultimative big bang of porn! Sorry Emir - love you too! What about having sex with Justin jett serving him a messy cumdump?

Suitsfan 10/26/2022
It was a joy to see three hunky guys getting totally soaked in their suits; thanks, MAP! My only wish was that we might have seen more arousal and enjoyment from the actors at the wet play. Boscatto and Cruz entered the pool almost as if it didn't matter, or as if they were just walking into a hotel room to engage in sex play. Vicenzo seemed aroused by getting his clothes wet, but the other two just stepped in without so much as a smile. (I'd love to have seen Cruz pulled into the pool fully suited by the other two, with some laughter involved.) Whatever, I found the extended three-way kissing a real turn-on; I do love passionate mouth play, and all three delivered on that!

SuitedUKguu 09/06/2023
Love the fuck chan always good!

CEOatPlay 04/09/2024
There is nothing i love more than a men swimming fully suited thank you for the video !