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Movie Comments

Suitsfan 05/16/2014
I only got as far as Bruno's second deep spit into handsome Denis Vega's open mouth for me to lose my load! (If only that was me at the receiving end . . . ;) What a turn-on steamy coupling these guys are; GREAT job!

loosetie13 05/16/2014
Bruno looks hot in a loosened tie at the start; he needs a lesson in untying it though. I'm happy to volunteer :-)

hatetatoos-4-2 05/16/2014
Any film with the handsome, sexy Denis Vega is going to be outstanding. I never tire of watching him. You have so many great models such as Pau Casserras, Jake Bolton, Adam Wirthmore, Scott Carter, Billy Santoro, Justin Harris etcetra. A few years ago, yo

olderbutsexy 05/16/2014
Dios mios! Bruno is the greatest stud ... I was instantly hard. And Dennis is a superb (lucky) bottom ... film of the year so far

Rainer75 05/16/2014
That is the proper debut for Bruno Bruni! His more casual look with the sunglasses looks very sexy. Denis Vega, the most beautiful hunk in the squad but is cursed with his narrow-minded school-uniform. Anyway, after the first third of the film, the texti

joedoe1000 05/16/2014
It was so hot to see Bruno drilling Denis while sitting on the chair and showing their socked legs...thanks Andy...i am satisfied with this movie. The chemistry between these actors was awesome. I know you are pleasing the fans that love ribbed socks...h

TuxedUpStud 05/16/2014
Denis Vega has become one of my favorites on MAP. Any chance we can see him being used and abused in some traditional black tie?

Suitsfan 05/16/2014
Mmmm . . . yes, please! Denis Vega being used and abused in black tie would be a total turn-on - particularly if the clothes are thoroughly abused as well as handsome Denis!

NYCfan 05/16/2014
You ABSOLUTELY need to show MORE FACE SLAPPING in the future

sacalumni 05/17/2014
The slapping was hot, Denis was VERY hot. I just wish I could have seen more of Denis' socks. Oh well... 4/5

jalfong 05/17/2014
Wow, Denis Vega you've done it again! My gawd you have such an extraordinary body and a devilishly handsome face. You wonder why he's not a major film star in his native Spain. Instead we get him doing adult films every week on MAP. Do you see me complain

georgeroundy 05/17/2014
Bruno Boner, what a wonderful porn-star body you have: instant hard-on! Very pleased to see you suited-up..almost.. on MAP. You look great in tight navy pin-stripe pants. Mr. Denis Vega.. I've only recently come into your orbit and I like what I see, han

TuxedUpStud 05/17/2014
Exactly. Ripped, stripped, and fucked up real good. Perhaps even soiled. Now THAT would be one for the books. I have yet to see a site do something so intense to a tuxed up stud. I think MAP has the ability to do such a scene justice.

harvey 05/17/2014
I usually don't like the violent stuff, so when the film first started I was a little disappointed. It kind of reminded me of the Stockholm syndrome, where the prey becomes enamored by his captor. But when I saw who the film's stars were, I couldn't tak

Diveman81 05/18/2014
please more of bruno boni, worshiping his shoes. bruno + sunglases. what a hunk. love him

NylonOTCs 05/18/2014
This was totally over the top!....I really like this and Bruno and Denis ...WOW!!!....what a hot scene...use the nylon over the calfs next time..but this was awesome, men!...You are both fucking beautiful...touche' MAP....lets see more of this style just

ken4cock 05/18/2014
Great sadomasochistic action by super-stud Denis and hungry bottom Bruno.

louiscapet6 05/18/2014
Thousands of wow!!!

bound2tie 05/18/2014
When I first started watching this I thought great, another suit-bondage vid within a few weeks, but then I noticed the handcuffed guy's tie wasn't in a Windsor knot, and then I was disappointed by the hidden handcuffs, which don't appear until they've be

Cltguy2 05/19/2014
Great scene! Awesome direction! Bruno and Denis are two of the hottest men in porn! More of both please! Thanks for making MAP the best site out there. You've got me hooked.

RQUEST 05/19/2014
No joke - this scene was so hot

RQUEST 05/19/2014
Bad Cop is way to hot to be true, just take control huh?! I love this MAP flick and thanks for putting a super sexy like Bruno in those socks and shoes for the shoe play at the beginning.

cactusman26 05/24/2014
Great one guys, splendid acting and action, plot looked almost authentic. Loved the spread butt views, liked to have viewed Bruno's hole too, yes please..Guess it's hard if pleasurable work making these videos gentlemen, judging by the wall clock, three

tiedupsuit 05/30/2014
Love the bulge in Bruno's crotch. Would love to be suited and have my face forced into it

everhard12321 05/31/2014
When Bruno Boni started rubbing his shoe against Denis Vega I shot my load--hard! PLEASE add more shoe play to your vids!

Franka1950 06/05/2014
Hot as hell!

frankar2 08/10/2014
very good if only I could get the Full Screen back as I could 4 weeks ago!!! I have about 2" at the top and 2" at the base; It was never like this before all the time I have been with use; Keeps saying press "ESC" to not use Full Screen!!!! can't even

explorer310 08/10/2014
Hot paring. Denis is one hot dude - my current favorite performer. Every scene he is in is hot!!. Great cumshots.

RQUEST 08/23/2014
Bruno Bruno Bruno; I am still checking the hot sock and shoe play. Thanks for making that scene so exciting with Denis. Nothing but love for you babe.

hans143 09/07/2014
This has got to be one of the hottest scenes ever! Love the domination and the foot action!

AC03awal 10/10/2014
denis, so muy dulce, como te pudeo contactar ? abrazo? (soy periodista fyi y amigo de connor habib - ish) X

AC03awal 10/10/2014
*sos muy dulce..

AC03awal 10/10/2014

AC03awal 10/10/2014
fucked that up.. don't drink n type

18061974 11/14/2014
soo fucking great couples

hornedbk9 04/01/2015
love the role play....Bruno is one hot muthafucker and Denis is Definitely one of the loudest, sexiest commanding bottoms in the business

hornedbk9 04/01/2015
love the role play....Bruno is one hot muthafucker and Denis is Definitely one of the loudest, sexiest commanding bottoms in the business

357855133 05/23/2015
why i can not see it

LeoMap15 07/06/2015
THe top was hot to look at, but the bottom made this video.

vdane77 10/05/2015
â–ºThis would've been Hotter if both guys took OFF their socksâ—„

Doable 04/29/2016
Very horny!