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Movie Comments

Wonderfully hot scene!! Well done to all involved. Loved seeing Justin being fucked through ripped trousers, and that both remained dressed throughout. Also great to see guys looking more like 'businessmen'. More of Woody please!

joedoe1000 04/12/2013
Excellent chemistry between Justin Harris and Woody Fox. They look hot on those suits. If you film a Part 2 take them to a bedroom and minimum asked actors to take shoes off. Great job MAP!

tiedupsuit 04/12/2013
Bravo!!! This has to go down as one of the best of MAP. Handsome men, beautiful suits, and great suited sex. Nothing hotter than a hot load on a dark suit. Hope we get to see another installment of Pure Suit in the future, maybe with three suits, with

Awesome stuff- from the real estate scenario to the form-fitting suits and glossy shoes. Thanks for the wonderful suit package!!

Rainer75 04/12/2013
Handsome actors having sex wearing their suits! What else do we suit-fetish lovers deserve? Nothing! It can be so easy to make a lot of people happy! More of these stuff, please! Totally naked, tattoed, pumped up muscles one can watch in hundreds of othe

edfries 04/12/2013
I agree. More of this stuff please.

sparty 04/12/2013
I love the fact that they are actually talking to each other , unlike most of the films. Great film . Really trashed those suits.

sparty 04/12/2013
Hey Matt, what happened to the bonus films?

Matt Jordan 04/12/2013
Hi Sparty, We're moving back towards Menatplay being more like its original concept as an exclusive content site and didn't feel that the add on bonus films work for the way we want Menatplay to go. Matt

sparty 04/12/2013
Hey Matt , thanks for the quick reply, I know you're busy. Good luck with the newer content, will stay tuned to see how it works. Sparty.

hatetatoos-4-2 04/12/2013
Congratulations on a perfect film. The models make the film, and here you have two handsome men making beautiful love to each other. Please, please have more films with Woody Fox and Justin Harris. They are perfect together. This is the type of film that

topsuitedgam 04/12/2013
Excellent job MAP. Love this film. Please continue to have more of such beautiful film (after watching it....felt super horny).... Cheers

LORIS 04/12/2013
Immediately after coming home from the office I had to watch this video I have been waiting for since the very first appearance of Woody Fox. Expectations were great - and they are entirely fulfilled. Great MAP film, a delight for all suit&tie fetish men

Perfect. This made me rejoin after a long time away... More like this please! How about Paul Wagner next? :)

devilman 04/12/2013
yeah.... so feeling fucker man... so hot.

Woody Fox could be in EVERY movie you do from now on and I don't think I'd ever complain or grow bored with him. He's stunning. I'd pay double my membership to see him in a formal scenario wearing a traditional black tie tux. Thank you for this movie! It

Jon62 04/12/2013
Good one!

RQUEST 04/12/2013
Oh Yeah! This MAP flick is on fire! Excellent! Type of film I was hoping to see when I joined MAP. Thank you.

Woody is hot can't wait to see more of him.

hirvi7 04/13/2013
I personally like it when the suit gets loose but stays on - tie loosened, shirt unbuttoned, jacket on but open, pants unzipped. But I know a lot of folks like the full suit on through the whole thing. MAP caters to the variations of the suit fetish lik

hirvi7 04/13/2013
Double post - sorry

Two really hot models. Would like to have seen them get in the shower together after the cumshots (fantastic, BTW), wash off their suits then slowly remove all their clothes, kissing feverishly as the camera fades to black. More of Woody Fox, please!

Okay 04/13/2013
Great mivie, finally soething with suits on, an at least a little cum on the necktie,

realy good one. and at the end the cum on suit. great.

realy good one. and at the end the cum on suit. great.

tiedupsuit 04/13/2013
I agree with Tony. I would pay double too if that would enable MAP to film more movies like this. With the added revenue, it may be easier to abuse a sharp suit and tie.

Rainer75 04/13/2013
OK. If it's the only chance to persuade Matt and Rico to produce more if not most of these films I join you. I would like to pay double for the pleasure of watching handsome hunks having sex wearing their suits on!!!

Most certainly not!!want to see the body under the suit!!

mercury67 04/13/2013
Woody is a great dominant top. Hope he does more as a top. This works cause of the chemistry and energy.

masstiehemd 04/13/2013
Enfin, depuis qu'on attendait une vidéo en costume cravate avec baise jusqu'au bout en costume cravate.... enfin elle est là et bien là et formidable pour se branler et voir enfin une séquence telle que on souhaite, dont on rêve... merci. et pour la

The Best MAP Movie ever , i prefer the suits kept on , love Woody

mickey2580 04/13/2013
i agree with elswirth a follow up slowly taking it all off and having it off again in the shower would be terrific!

Fantastic, love this one. Two of my favorite MAP models, and the suits are gorgeous and ruined!

suitedattitude 04/14/2013
To be clear, if it isn't already, THIS IS WHAT WE WANT - hot guys in hot suits having hot suited sex till they spunk. Appreciate you can hardly rip a suit on a weekly basis (though I would love to see a guy get his flies ripped open when commando) but as

suitedattitude 04/14/2013
You have like 20:1 in favour of that already with all the other movies.

suitedattitude 04/14/2013
P.S. There are so many elements to this that are great, too many to list (though the hard fucking is particularly outstanding), I do hope the two of them enjoyed doing it with their suits on and a few more models might start really getting off on it.

hatetatoos-4-2 04/15/2013
I cannot think of a better MAP movie than this. Woody and Justin are so handsome and are so outstanding together that I would hate to see either one with anyone else. Please do a series of these two beautiful men together. It would be better if Justin wor

I've always had a weakness for brown shoes, esp Charles Barker Navarones, but wouldn't be seen dead wearing them with a blue, black or dark grey suit. You wear them with brown or lovat (green), or lighter grey if you know what you're doing, and not after

Suitsfan 04/15/2013
I'd rated this a 5-star MAP Oscar-winner within the first six minutes - when I climaxed for the first time! Fantastic job; well up to MAP's best work ever. Woody and Justin are incredibly handsome, and have the kind of svelte, fit bodies that really show

suitedattitude 04/15/2013
And another thing, haha, if you are going to wank yourself off over this movie, suit up fully and keep it all on till the spunk flies, fair's fair after all LOL

raniesuit 04/15/2013
This movie is all what MAP is about! Everything else that you try to put into the story, like muscles and bad east european acting and early stripping, makes the final result less MAP and less unique! Keep on the good work Gentleman! Raniesuit

Matt Jordan 04/16/2013
Brown shoes with blue suit are cool! Really sexy, see it all the time on the streets of London - the birth place of true suit style

tux_man 04/16/2013
Thanks for a great video. Loved it from start to finish. It was material like this that brought me to MAP in the first place many years ago. Thanks for taking us back to classic MAP. Chad (tux_man)

The suits are great, but without seeing some flesh at some point Woody might as well be fucking a blow up doll. Also, if they are going to despoil those beautiful suits, someone at the end should appear with a hot tongue to lick it all off - clean them up

seattlesuited 04/17/2013
I am a suit and tie man and love that they are suited throughout the video. Skin is everywhere on the web but suited sex is not.

WeHoDad 04/17/2013
One of your best! Woody is a little rough and country but very sexy. Great cum shot from Justin. Thanks!

DonDraper 04/22/2013
NICE but why oh why did Woody not get a deep, sloppy rim job?!? that ass is just begging to be eaten out... and fucked. hope he bottoms soon. woody is easily one of THE hottest men on his site.

DonDraper 04/22/2013
same. woody made be re-subscribe as well. fingers crossed he gets a good sloppy rimming and bottoming scene soon :)

hatetatoos-4-2 04/26/2013
It is my personal preference about black shoes over brown shoes. In Boston, the men wear brown shoes with dark suits. It is a style that I do not like. Part of it is due to the negative reference to brown shoe in the United States. In a book that I read a

joedoe1000 05/02/2013
The movie is hot! I watched again...nice clothing from head to toes.

gccfjudge 05/03/2013
One of the best cum shots you have on MAP! Justin's was incredible. Only thing better would be to cum in Woody's mouth. Great job guys.

This movie is the reason I re-joined menatplay after a few years away. True and honest suit sex at its best and a heck of a lot of suit jacket linings being shown too which has always been a major fetish of mine.

Blackswine567 05/06/2013
I rated this video before I even watched it, because that is how great I knew it was going to be!

joedoe1000 05/08/2013
Matt...bring Justin and Woody to play with the Cops Off actors (Eliad Anastos and Magnum).

Fuzzguy 05/13/2013
Yes, this is the hottest video you've produced yet! The men are beautifully paired and the contrast between the suits and the set was also a masterpiece! The shoe play, stocking play the shirt play, the tie play, hit every mark for me! The best part be

axt93smx 05/25/2013
woody fox is so damn hot. i think i'm in love. He is gorgeous. Only if menatplay can put him and Tomas Brand together in a hot video.

rafter63 08/17/2013
This was too good for words! 2 suited men, having sex, and keeping it all till the end!! and kissing like mad love birds!! I can die now!!... well not, untill it happens to me...;-)... This was so good. The only thing I would have added, is that they both

graydon 09/03/2013
Pre-Cum heaven, but would have preferred cut dicks. Yes I know. Go blow yourself.

ilazar77 10/06/2013
This is simply the best. MORE of Pure Suit. If possible the torn at pants just enough for a cock to penetrate. Find the best chemistry fling actors and we are here waiting.

momotaro 10/21/2013
More Justin, please!! For me he's the most beautiful man in gay porn.

auhottie 11/04/2013
Multiple viewings make this just so much hotter every time. Both the guys are amazing. More of this, please

sum_gai 01/01/2014
I'd also pay double!!!

jekel29 01/12/2014
Hot couch scene where Woody's shirt untucked...didn't see it untuck belly button view then it got tucked back in when he stood up...damn! Want to see an exposed ab and belly button next time :-)

Europ39 05/04/2014
Probably the best exciting gay scene I've ever seen. Nice suit models and gorgeous actors. I want to be fucked by Woody to have a juicy and creamy cum like Jesse. A pure diamond. Thanks to MAP for making it so great !

woodyalert 07/05/2014
I can only hope that in my next life I can be a fiery-red haired Adonis.

limerick 03/25/2015
Woody delivers one hell of a good fucking in this scene! Justin is a very lucky man! This is one of the most intensely passionate and romantic scenes MAP has ever done! Bravo!!

actor117 05/11/2015
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! The Suits, The Socks The Licking WOW!

Albertochile69 05/22/2015
Pure suit 3 please

Marky176201284 06/15/2015
love it

robicart 08/20/2015
Absolutely one of the best on the site!

rickis75 11/19/2015
the suit fetishers must love this one but not me

coxnsox 12/12/2015
A classic MaP movie. Perfect on so many levels. Erotic from beginning to end. Woody Fox is a personal favorite.

suitlover121 01/03/2016
my favourite map movie. this is so hot.... im raw!!!!

colik555 03/09/2016
Still one of the best. HOw about a PURE SUIT 3 for the loyal subscribers that have been with MAP since the beginning?

colik555 03/09/2016
Still one of the best. HOw about a PURE SUIT 3 for the loyal subscribers that have been with MAP since the beginning?

colik555 03/09/2016
Still one of the best. HOw about a PURE SUIT 3 for the loyal subscribers that have been with MAP since the beginning?

roelof 05/02/2016

sum_gai 05/16/2016

funintmud 07/31/2016

Silktie816 08/13/2016
Lovely men doing lovely things in lovely suits.....

asto5408 09/10/2017
Hot sexy raw.

MANSMAN 01/01/2018

dwwbuzz 03/09/2018
Handsome, hung, blowing big cum loads all over each others suits after a hot fuck. LOVE IT!

SMILING 06/03/2021
I'm still watching this one eight years later.... The natural eroticism from both Justin and Woody. Both these guys have that X factor. I could listen to them both all day. Style, presence. I'm nostalgic for them and would love to see them both return soon

Bobby 12/17/2023
Love the old stuff. Love full suit sex. Ripping. Just joined.