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Men / Donato Reyes

Donato Reyes Vital Stats:

👍 83
Body Type:  Muscular
Eye Color:  Brown eyed
Hair color:  Dark
Nationality:  Spanish
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile
Age:  February 7th
Height:  6' 1"

Donato Reyes' smoldering looks and almost aloof attitude make him look like a top, but he loves more often than not to take it all as a bottom. It seems like that's what his perfect firm butt was designed for. His whole body is beautifully hard and ripped with only a modest amount of tattoos. This handsome Spaniard is one of our most well-built bottoms (who occasionally tops ) who also looks like a powerful boss in a suit. Broad with just the right swagger, Donato really looks the part in his pinstripes and equally commanding of our attention when they're stripped off his back.

Donato Reyes Updates

Donato Reyes Comments

Pdvs 08/13/2019
I´m so happy that Donato is returning, please make a lot of scenes with him, he has an amazing ass. He would be perfect in a scene with vadim romanov