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Movie Comments

jeremy_hunk 03/01/2019
As fetish goes, this is great. Dani's cumshot was amazing. I did want to these two hot hairy guys naked at the end but I knew this website was meant to satisfy those with suit fetish.

masstiehemd 03/01/2019
excellent video, with a Dani Robles that we prefer because it wears the suit and tie and especially because its shoots of sperm are long and powerful. his partner is also up to it. and what excitement of the final with all this sperm spread on the tie, the shirt and the suit of Dani ... top video Thanks the MAP team

masstiehemd 03/01/2019
Fortunately, both partners stayed in suits and ties !!!! naked it is not in MAP that must come! and I do not see the interest at all.VIVE FETICHISTS OF COSTUME AND TIE

hollandsuit 03/01/2019
Yes - really nice! Just a detail: the patterned tie was also used in On Cue, a few weeks ago, and recently we have seen repetitive use of identic ties over and again. So there seems to be a shortage of ties - can I help you guys out by sending a few of mine? Just le me know…..

masstiehemd 03/01/2019
Yes very good idea !!! We could each subscriber if he wishes could send you one or two ties; and when you use it, especially if the partner has fun on it. Especially if they are juicing very loud on ties. You could even return it all stained with cum for our own masturbations !!!! I already had as a gift from MAP a tie for buying a publications! For me who lives in Spain it is even cheaper to send you copies of my ties!

robicart 03/01/2019
Two good parts: (1) Both with dicks and balls out through the fly. (2) Dani's great cum shot. Wish Teddy would suck Dani's dick.

map8223519 03/01/2019
I am so glad that sext ribbed sheer socks are back! It'd be even greater if Teddy was wearing them and showing as well! Super hot.

icewheel 03/02/2019
very nice

Top demais.

Rainer75 03/02/2019
Don't agree with the most critics. Two "standard"-actors ( booked at most of porn studios worldwide ) do for what they are payed for: They have ordinary "standard"-sex following a "standard"-plot. Suck, rim, fuck - ready! MAP urgently needs fresh ideas and fresh actors. This film was like cold coffee. Only special: the extraordinary ugly wall-coverings!

mtmslg 03/02/2019
Always great to see Dani, but this was dull. Step it up, gentlemen. Not a lot of variety or imagination here for a while. Don't get me wrong, I've been a member since way back before you were called MAP. You have the best production values in porn. But there has barely been anything other than meet, suck, rim and fuck in ages. Where are the creative scenarios of the past? We haven't even seen a threesome in a dog's age! More multiples, more wet and messy, more rip-striping, more suit kink. Lately, I've been skipping the new stuff and reaching into the archives. I've been disappointed for a while. Needed to vent. Thanks.

Jo2chris4 03/04/2019
"We haven't even seen a threesome in a dog's age! More multiples, more wet and messy, more rip-striping, more suit kink." I AGREE TOTALY WITH YOU

Jo2chris4 03/04/2019
Mr. Robles and Mr. Torres cumshots on this beautifull suit and tie are amazing. I love cum-drenched suits and ties. Mr. Robles presence in suits an ties is very very hot and sexy and make me always get a hard one. :-)) For me Mr. Robles is Mr. MenAtPlay. Thank you Mr. Robles for your good work. I wish the text on Mr. Robles profil-page is in English. Sorry, I don´t speak Spain. Jo

eiswirth821 03/04/2019
Fantastic scene. Great setup; incredible cum shots. Dani never disappoints.

musclefucks 03/08/2019
A good-looking film, thanks guys. Teddy and Dani do well together

musclefucks 03/08/2019
But seriously, where is last week's great scene with Salvador and Enzo?

Suitman63 03/09/2019
completely agree, wake up MAP

Suitman63 03/09/2019
I agree the plot line and scenarios are WAY too repetitive - yes it's better when the suits stay on and get spunked but there needs to be a LOT more creativity here.

Suitman63 03/09/2019
and it really wouldn't take much to crank these scenes up a bit that shows some interest in the fetish e.g. an order to straighten a tie or do your jacket up before the splattering

rickdick 03/18/2019
Very dark bad lighting,,,cant see that action

DavisLeConte 07/18/2020
18 July 2020 Loved Dani Robles shooting his shit after getting plowed by Teddy: hot scene!