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Movie Comments

colik555 11/20/2015
That load would have looked better all over the shirt and tie.

Jgland24 11/20/2015
no matter what, people have something to complain about.

wolfioti 11/20/2015
Maybe if there wasn't just one update per week there would be something for everyone more often. Mostly fully clothed in wet suits is a very specific thing. If this was just one aspect of a much longer scene then there might be more to appeal to more guys.

colik555 11/20/2015
When I'm paying for it you better believe I'll voice my opinion.

shughie 11/20/2015
This has fulfilled two of my fantasies in one - I have been longing to see Logan and Hector together but to see them both soaked in the shower is almost perfect for me. I would love to have seen them wetter and for the suit jackets to have come off under the shower but this is the best film for months with the two hottest bodies - in my opinion. More like this would be wonderful. How about in the pool next time? Many, many thanks. Welcome back Logan!

LORIS 11/20/2015
OMG, Logan and Hector, two of my favourite MAP men together - so fucking hot ! Wellcome back, Logan !

Bluedog 11/20/2015
kinda boring - I ain't turning to map for excitement, anything like I used to ... Not so much about suit sex anymore, the suits seldom stay on for any length of time, nice when we see a couple of handsome suited men getting it on, but then within a matter of minutes the jackets are off, the ties are off, they're in the buff and we could be viewing any porn site .. What happened to the MAP of not so long ago with the likes of Rogan Richards, Francesco d'Macho, Alex Marte, Damien Crosse, Marvin & Andreas ... Ruggedly handsome, horny, suited men .. C'mon Matt & Rico ... . Ya gotta whet my appetite for more ... At the moment it ain't happening ...

Matt Jordan 11/20/2015
This was specifically for the guys who like wet suit play. If that particular fetish is not your thing I can understand you not getting this but This is something you don't see on ANY other porn site. So you're "we can see this anywhere" doesnt hold water (forgive the apt pun) The "MAP of not so long ago" youre refering to was actually about 7 years ago.

Matt Jordan 11/20/2015
Exactly!! thats why the guys take their suits off , so that the scene has some appeal to those many members who are not in to suits or in to specifically wet suits

tustintat 11/20/2015
Super Hot shower scene.

Jon62 11/20/2015
Excellent. Let's have more like this.

bubblebuttkile 11/21/2015
I wish MAP had more black bottom men not versatile black guys just strictly bottom

robicart 11/21/2015
Two of my favorites, but a mediocre scene.

NylonOTCs 11/21/2015
This was good, MAP!!!...Can I add here! First off, Logan and Hector are without a doubt, HOT potatoes!. I wish they could "loose the shoes" for the shower scene. They both have fucking HOT legs and feet. Wish more cameral shots to the feet in those ever so tasty "TnT's they have on!....Would of loved to have seen the "wet nylon sock love", here also. I know I am a nylon sock lover but many also will agree with me on this topic. Those beautiful TnT's on Logan and not shown on camera, what a waist!!!....just my opinion. As far as the beauty of both men you accomplished that hands down!!! Logan has an ass only one could wish to be so lucky to sport!...It was good, guys, just some of us love the erotic love of the nylon socks!...And wet, WOW!!!...that would be so fucking HOT!!!...Loved it, MAP!...Keep Logan and Hector in the forefront....just the bestest! ....xoxoxoxoxo!!!!

raven 11/21/2015
Logan and Hector have awesome chemistry wetting down in this private setting. They are equally handsome men , equally well endowed who pleasure each other with great intensity and deliver respectable loads relieving themselves after kissing, sucking, stroking and fucking with seeming intensity and abandonment under the shower. This installment was everything but boring from my standpoint. I especially loved the way Logan smiled and later seemed to relish taking Hector's ejaculate in his mouth. Hector and Logan sizzled on my screen. Well done MAP!!! RAVEN

masstiehemd 11/21/2015
Chaque semaine, le vendredi soir, nous nous interrogeons sur le scénario que MAP va nous proposer. C'est l'angoisse du pure fétichiste "costume cravate" . Car depuis quelques temps les scénarios de Matt Jordan et Rico proposent des alliances entre hommes en costume cravate et "ouvrier" en bleu de travail, en survêtement en tee shirt on même déjà nu..... Donc, comme les anglais on fait des paris.... Cette fois-ci, nous sommes très gâtés, car les 2 hommes sont en costume cravate et sous le douche! et j'avoue que ça m'excite beaucoup.... Quand on a compris le but recherché par les créateurs de MAP, on apprécie plus ou moins et on attend le prochain scénario qui va vraiment correspondre exactement a ton fétichisme.... Dans le rappel de certains moments des productions de Matt, que deviennent des acteurs? Dans le rappel de certains moments des productions de MAP, que deviennent des acteurs d'y il y a quelques années. Sont-ils devenu trop chers, ou ne parlent-ils pas espagnol? un fan critique de MAP un fan critique de MAP Every week, on Fridays evenings, we wonder about the scenario which MAP is going to propose us. It is the anxiety of pure fetishist " suit and tie ". Because for some time Matt Jordan's scenarios and Rico proposes alliances between men in suit and tie and "worker" in overalls, in tracksuit in T-shirt one even already naked..... Thus, as English we make bets.... This time, we are very very good, because 2 men are in suit and tie and take a shower to him! When we understood the purpose looked for by the creators of MAP, we appreciate more or less and we wait for the next scenario which is really going to correspond exactly has your fetishism.... In the reminder of certain moments the productions of MAP, as become actors of it a few years ago. Did they become too expensive, or do not they speak Spanish? A fan criticizes of MAP

johnnyt43 11/21/2015
awesome- awesome!! love logan and hector. can't imagine filming with the water splashing every time hector penetrated logans ass. what a site that mush have been in real time.. thanks MAP

limerick 11/21/2015
WOW! What a hot scene!! Passionate to say the least!!

zipfer 11/21/2015
The scene was just OK. Logan is hot and I would love to see more of him, particularly as a bottom. The last several minutes of this scene was just simulated, Hector wasn't inside Logan. Disappointing, I like to see men have sex not pretend to have sex.

tiedupsuit 11/21/2015
Loved it! The men were totally hot. The suits gorgeous. On no other site will you find suits a perfectly fitted as this. I only wish the suited had stayed on through the entirety of the film.

olderbutsexy 11/21/2015
Well done guys! Great chemistry between the actors, and how nice to see Hector naked at last (thanks!) He has such great balls too - and knows how to fuck for sure. Great to see Logan smiling while he's getting it ;)

Matt Jordan 11/22/2015
by the last several minutes i think you mean a few seconds . If you want to ask how real it was maybe ask logan how sore his ass was the next day - I can promise you the sex between these two was very real

mtmslg 11/23/2015
Fantastic scene. Logan is a god! Wet, wild and wonderful. As stated before, no other site has such beautifully suited men. And the variety MAP regularly presents is terrific. Enough of the bitchy comments. If you don't like what you see this week, wait until next week. If you still aren't satisfied, cancel. There isn't another site that can touch MAP when it comes to the quality of models, clothing and overall production value. Well done guys. Thanks for regularly throwing a bone to the old time Messy Men subscribers like me. Keep up the good work.

fkimdr 11/23/2015
maybe even 'lose the shoes'... lol

fkimdr 11/23/2015
Well I'm not sure if 4-ish minutes of 'wet suit' out of a 22 minute video really is for the 'guys who like wet suit play' as you all have done that more admirably in the past-- more like throwing a 'bone' (I never apologize for my puns) in their general direction--but still a nice vid.

Suitsfan 11/23/2015
Shades of 'Turn on' - this is another of your all-time great videos, MAP! Two genuinely attractive men, with plenty of hot chemistry between them, and fine suits not only getting soaking wet but one having the seat ripped out of it as well - totally hot! (For me, the first 12 or 13 minutes are by far the best, but it was good to see Logan retaining both his watch and his tie until the cum-splattered end!) Personally, I'd have loved to see Hector rip Logan's shirt open as well (he'd ripped Logan's trousers; he may as well have wrecked the shirt as well, yes?) Whatever, Logan seems to enjoy wet suit scenes, so I hope he'll be cast in this kind of scenario again sometime soon. Loved watching Hector plunging his fingers into Logan's arse, then lick them before plunging them in again, too. Both of these guys are seriously sexy; great work, guys - and more of the same again soon, please! ;-)

levisurfer 11/28/2015
More wet suits! Keep the suits on! Keep the guys soaked! Cum splattered suits are the best!

yep-thats-me 12/03/2015
Incredible !!!! love to see more guys in soaked suits ...

Dan1762 12/07/2015
More more more of Logan Moore! Totally love this beautiful man.

Suitedpiss 01/23/2016
I am not a "models" man but occasionally one really floats my boat, Hector is one of those - elegant yet intense with a hint of rough and very beautiful. He also seems to fine keeping his suit on and here he gets all wet and sticky. Sigh. Can only beg for more.

intern2016 03/11/2016
Logan Moore is one sweet hunk of man.

noel79 06/01/2016
Great porn!

Sherman 03/26/2017
Hector actually took his clothes off so we can enjoy his beautiful body. This is a first. Your small cock did perform a good cum shot.

intern2016 11/23/2017
Logan and Hector did one hell of a great job. People should stop writing mean things on this site.

Suitsfan69 01/07/2018
Two of MAP's best-looking guys getting soaking wet in their suits; it's a dream-cum-true scenario as far as I'm concerned! Hector & Logan both appear to really get off on soaking/messing their suits (in this and other videos they've done for MAP), which creates a cracking sexual chemistry and adds a sense of genuine enjoyment to their passionate love-making. Great work!

robicart 05/14/2019
Camera missed one of the best parts, Hector taking Logan's dick in his mouth. I guess just too busy trying to get a shot of Logan's facial expression.