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Movie Comments

CarlosMiranda 11/27/2020
This Gentlemens Club is so when members demand horny guys wearing sheer briefs and sheer seductive and sensual. Stay in this line of scenes using fine sheer socks and beautiful suits.

JC 11/27/2020
You guys constantly cut the top's faces out of the camera shot when they're cumming and it sucks! What sense does it make to show their face for :2 seconds after they're done? Why can't we see their face and dick at the same time while they're cumming? You guys always find a way to do that with the bottoms.

Brisgay 11/29/2020
So hot! I love that you show more than 5 seconds of suited butt!

Bears33 12/01/2020
The idea of having to serve one and to obey his wishes is so erotic and sensual. Dale is a great master and Ethan is a delicious servant to meet his needs.The scene of Dale rimming Ethan and Ethan hole is definitely a plus ..Dale then going in and pounding him is great.Both Dale and Ethan have a great bodies but Ethan physique is breathless and desire to please his master is Definitely granted and wish for more..

shirtsintheway 12/01/2020
I think it's neither erotic nor sensual if the top has to hold up constantly the shirt which is constantly in the way, especially when it prevents an even nicer fuck scene. It's a thin line between showing (too much) suit, shirt, ties compared to the amount of flesh. Most of the times the relation is fine, this time the shirts didn't "fit" for me. And more than 5 seconds of suited butt? It was actually 55 seconds (with some hanging out shirt again - lol)

JT 12/18/2020
So hot! Loving the concept. Powerful businessmen and sluty boys/men. I wish for more nudity from the mid towards the end of the snene. We absolute need more storys from this Club.