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Movie Comments

otc_socks 02/07/2020
Love when hot men come on black otc socks sorry the fucker did not show his hot socks

Black Socks 02/07/2020
This one was perfect. Many things here were a huge turn on. Franky is so sexy, especially the way he smiles, and hearing all that dialogue like when he says Nice..., I like that..., You are going to make me come. Loved the scene where Vadim is enjoying Franky's polished black leather shoes. Enjoyed the scene where the two cocks were rubbing against each other, and definitely the last part when Vadim is thrusting his cock against his black socks till he comes.

icewheel 02/08/2020
one of the best videos you all have made in a while - the acting, dialogue, the exchanging of his cum via mouth and sock bit at the end. it was all excellent.

TOSHIJMX 02/08/2020
Very hot men, especially Franky. Nice to see cut cock for a change, too! I lovve, love the suited crotch worshipping... very hot without showing an inch of cock! But now, seriously, will 2020 be another year where two out of every three movies feature the routine move of flipping one of the men to get his pants peeled off the butt pre-rimming and pre-fcucking? Getting old, old, old...! Also nice would be to see the men shed their suit jackets and see them suck each other in nicely tucked-in shirts, half-unbuttoned, ties undone around the neck.

Majestic12 02/10/2020
Franky Fox is HOT! Would be great to see him in a tuxedo and wing collar dress shirt visiting a "glory hole"! Agree with Toshijmx would be good to see guys shed their suit jackets and loosen their ties up

sockny 02/22/2020
love the cum eating from socks, but please more socks colors and not just plain black ?

Sparky 03/01/2020
Franky Fox is absolutely hot. Would love to see him in a threesome where he thinks he's in charge but the other guys have other ideas.