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Movie Comments

CityBoy 04/21/2020
The old London or British movies are amazing. Maybe MAP shouldn’t have left England at all. I suppose the English period was so good because there where so many British actors. Spain is great with fantastic men, but a mix would be the best. Maybe MAP could become more international with movies in other cities like Berlin, New York and in London again with tipical men from there in their language or accent. New and old faces to give a new fresh to it’s movies. The style should change, we all love traditional suited men.

ColdBear33 04/23/2020
This what MAP is all about ...Men and Suited men wanting each other and having great m/m sex.This is why I adore this site and keep wanting more.Paul Wagner and Dan Broughton are intense and immensely into each other and the want and desire in each other's eyes is priceless and so amazing HOT!!🔥Glad you brought this Edit back and will always enjoy the man to man action that is MAP... Thank you

ROBICART 04/28/2020
This was and is a wonderful movie. Dan's beautiful big dick at 8:00 ff is superb. Paul's fucking Dan while he's bent forward is outstanding. And I loved Paul's great cumshot.

Colt Steele 06/06/2020
I've always been in love with Paul Wagner.

marcantony2 09/10/2020
Dan is the guy next door. You could easily introduce him to any adults as your mate from uni. He could also do stay overs without causing any concern about those pesky gays,(so the adults think). I would be so pleased to be able to introduce Dan to my circle as my special friend. Also, check out that shy smile,he is adorable.

JJ 07/23/2022
LOVE the guy with the very hairy chest absolute perfection !!!! He is SO sexy please do more video's with him ASAP.