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Movie Comments

Majestic12 03/25/2020
Another great Editor's Cut. Any chance of an Editor's Cut of "Get Even" with Klein Kerr and Carter Dane? Would be great if you could show the bit where Carter's shirt is ripped open in slow motion so we could see the buttons flying off?

MENatPLAY Admin 03/25/2020
Thanks for the suggestion! We will send the request to the team.

Majestic12 03/25/2020

Mister Pinstripe 03/26/2020
I love these trips down memory lane! The archives are so rich indeed... If it is not too much work: please activate the download option for the caps of this movie and the Dennis Vega compilation….

MENatPLAY Admin 03/26/2020
Thanks for the positive feedback. You should be able to download Caps now.

Mister Pinstripe 03/26/2020
Very, very legendary were also Executice Glory 1, 2 and 3...… At that time, MAP was setting a new standard really. It would be great if these three (especially the first two were still rather short) would be made available in a better quality, if the mastercopies still exist…..

Site Admin 03/26/2020
Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We will try to find the original tapes and add it to our list.

TOSHIJMX 03/26/2020
This is a definite favorite. Especially hot is the loosened tie and rolled-up sleeves. Most suit fetishist I know agree that the suit is not a suit when worn with turtlenecks or t-shirts. The shirt is most important. Let's show them more often, MAP! And this video abundantly demonstrates, there is not much that is sexier than a half-unbottned white dress shirt.

Pdvs 03/27/2020
Bruno is so hot it would be amazing see him again on set. Love see the scene with Bruno and Dato Foland remasterd please!

Majestic12 03/28/2020
Fully agree with the earlier comment about the Executive Glory films. My fav is Executive Glory 4 and it would be great to see an extended version.

ROBICART 04/06/2020
Two sexy hot men. A few places the camera captured great scenes. Bruno's cum scene was special.

ColdBear33 05/12/2020
Amazing Editors cut..The fierce Denis and being bully Bruno is Hot🔥. Denis fighting Bruno is intriguing at least and to sucking him. Denis being fingered and fuck til he cums is soo sweet. Bruno cumming is blows your mind away and want him to give his cum to Denis ...did not happen but the cumshot was incredible!!! Definitely want to feel and see again.

Francois 07/12/2020
12 July 2020 Horny cop, with his cum flying all over the place!

mjmerritt 07/17/2020
Anything with Bruno Boni is a MUST WATCH for me. The chance to see it again through the Editor's eye was a-m-a-z-i-n-g to say the least!!

whitebrieflovers 04/18/2021
i love the way they suck the cock while inside their fucking white undies ... can i request for more scenes like this .. thanks

JizzDrainer 12/05/2023
Scoarching hot except for the dude moaning thru 80% of the movie . Otherwise definetly boner inducing 👿