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Movie Comments

exectop 12/20/2019
Finally a great scene! MAP has strong talent like Dani, Robbie, etc and it is fine to use suits as sexual arousal mechanisms, but i am tired of seeing both top and bottom be in a suit - the casting has been mis-matched lately - lets hope this is a fresh reboot of style, direction and casting. This scene is definitely Men at Play!!!

TOP 12/20/2019
We love this scene! Wish Dani would loosen his tie a bit instead of taking the suit completely off. I like him undressed a bit without losing the full suit

Dickbeast 12/20/2019
I love the concept, but I do wish the boys were more masculine.

Brisgay 12/23/2019
I wish more had kept their suits on. All but one (who was the hottest guy) kept his on!

Trnka27 12/29/2019
well done orgy but not my style although I am sure it will turn on many....much prefer man on man rather than man on boy

Suitlove 08/03/2020
Loved the boys cumming in their mouths before fucking them. So fucking hot.

DavisLeConte 08/16/2020
16 Aug 2020 Great scene, with gorgeous twink boys for the hunky older guys, for a hot holiday soiree!

it is sooo hot ! More of it please !!!!

Hadrian Temple 05/18/2021
It's nice to see something on MAP that is very explicitly about the power imbalance--it's a theme you should explore more.

SuitedTwink 05/22/2023
Would love to see more age diversity like this. Grew up around religion and always saw guys of all ages dressed up on a regular. My friends and I were always dressed up in suits, and still see them dressed up now in our late teens and 20’s. Would be hot to see some younger guys here and there, but sadly I know a lot of guys here like older/mature guys only