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Movie Comments

Sock lover 04/22/2022
The socks were amazing. It maKes me cum almost immediately. I wish I could smell them

sock lover too 04/23/2022
Love these socks! Want to see more

Davis LeConte 04/23/2022
I want more of cute Bastian's hole!

Nice 04/25/2022
I am afraid the red stripes on the socks didn't really do it for me, I prefer just black socks, but I like the changeup to crew socks and sock garters. Very sexy. Seeing the "inexperienced" and innocent looking patient engage in sex was great.

Rodrigo 04/25/2022
I'm falling in love with D.Dan.. please, keep him on regular casting!

Rainer75 04/27/2022
D.Dan seems to be one of the "oldest" models you have in your portfolio. Nevertheless he shows most of the twinks what it means to be a man. He rocks them all with sheer masculinity and charisma! The swiss - not only they can do watches and cheese - they have real hunks! Bravo D.Dan!

kathurm 10/14/2022
I absolutely love Dan!7 Please have him in more movies! Sexy Swiss muthafucka

Lar 02/15/2023
How about a follow up visit with these two just to make sure that Sebastian has improved completely. Would love that!!!!!

Ed 03/27/2023
Agreed - Make another appointment with Bastian and Dr. Dan - to make sure Bastian is progressing!! Hot video. Don't know how many times I have watched this but it never fails to deliver!!!!!

Ivan 03/04/2024
Bastian is great!