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Movie Comments

CarlosMiranda 04/09/2021
Excellent production with beautiful executives, both wearing elegant suits and fine sheer socks. Thanks Menatplay!

masstiehemd 04/10/2021
I really like Dany who an elegant person always well in his suit and tie and who sends his sperm with a lot of force and in large quantities (which I envy) but in this video he squirts on the floor and I would have preferred that his jute crashes on the tie knot and on the shirt collar of his partner !!!! And second note the protagonists have untied the tie knot and opened their shirts ..... and I prefer when one or the other keeps his tie knot and his collar closed .... but that's it likewise a good job! these are small remarks (like that of fans of socks or shoes)

mathjonesdavid 01/11/2023
My cock would’ve been harder straight away, if Dani was sucking ME!