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Movie Comments

Wow 08/28/2020
Great job, guys. I love to watch storylines with romantic relationships, the body language is generally a bit different, like the way they hold each other's hands while making love. Have to say that no one does the sock scenes like Franky, he is a pro. And I like the cheeky smile when he says "we have no time for that..." but of course, he could not resist falling into temptation...

Logan5 08/28/2020
Darn, those are two hunky men you had fucking. I'm glad I found this website.

CarlosMiranda 08/28/2020
The theme, suit, sheer socks and sex action are 100% perfection. Franky's performance is flawless showing a lot of libido, desire and passion. Love how Franky puts sheer socks on Marco...that is so seductive. Then fucks Marco with so much energy. Love to see elegant suited sheer socked actors having the best sex. Thanks MAP for another incredible hot scene. Hope in next scene Viktor takes off Malek's shoes to show hot sheers.

Toshijmx 08/28/2020
THANK YOU for the extended white dress shirt action. Nice to see a MAP hunk keeping it firmly tucked in just a bit longer. Also welcome was the hairy dick! All those shaved, baby-like, hairless bodies don't really do it for me. Hairier chests would be awesome, too... More Dario?

DavisLeConte 08/29/2020
29 August Marco is one hot stud in his sexy black silk socks!

John 08/29/2020
Fantastic porn. Real me wear sheer . . . .

PeterMunich 08/30/2020
This is really great - I am really heavily into masculine guys in hot ultra sheer socks - I love the many videos in sheer socks that you have been producing recently. carry on making movies of guys in sheer socks. And more foot action please! Also foot smelling action in sheer socks.

Brian 08/31/2020
This is a classic! I love the sheer sock play. The guys are so sexy because they appear to be very into it. One of your best. Keep it up! More sheer foot action please!

CarlosMiranda 09/01/2020
The Behind the Scenes Extra video is super how both actors enjoyed the sheer socks. gorgeous!

Kant 09/02/2020
The camera frame gets much better in recents videos in which the guys whole bodies are captured.

Vitopes 09/02/2020
Exciting video, excellent footplay In sheers socks, in fact that is why I joined menatplay