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Movie Comments

Cutie-Lover 04/08/2021
Great scene with Gustavo Cruz & Pol Prince. Love to see Gustavo's huge cock in action. But is also always a great pleasure to see Gustavo while getting his tight hole fucked. Wished so much to see much more scenes with hot Gustavo. I'm dreaming of a pairing for flip-fuck-scene f. e. with also sizzling hot Andrea Suarez. Or with an equal alpha ... Sir Peter ... flip-fuck-scene with him would also be hot as hell. Please please try to realize .... thanks so much.

Drummer 04/15/2021
La teub de Gustavo Cruz ! Bonne éjaculation sur cravate! Le pied

bananaman 06/01/2021
Fucking Hot! How do you guy get the cum out of the neck ties, or do you purchase new ones for every film?