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Movie Comments

CarlosMiranda 09/25/2020
Another hot and amazing scene with sheer socked Franky Fox. He always impress me with so much passion and desire. Wish Damon takes shoes and pants off because his legs and feet look sexy....and he knows how to seduce in sheer socks. Great job MAP!

Socks 09/25/2020
I wonder why all the socks are sheers socks. We need nylon socks

PeterMunich 09/25/2020
Very sexy - I love sexy handsome men who wear ultrasheer nylon socks while having sex. I also love sheer sock worship scenes.

frodo 09/25/2020
SOOOOOO Fucking HOTTTTTTT Franky is the best one, like Carlos said . Great job guys MAP and Franky and Damon good job

Socklover 09/25/2020
One of the hottest scenes ever. Love sheer socks

Suitsfan 09/28/2020
Franky and Damon are both very sexy, attractive guys, and the passion between them in this video is hot! I loved Damon spitting into Franky's mouth at one point, but disappointed when Franky's open, welcoming mouth wasn't treated to more. (He clearly looked as though he'd welcome it, so why not?) I also wish Franky's hairy chest had been exposed by Damon ripping his shirt open, instead of Franky simply unbuttoning and removing it; the passion at that point in the video would have been heightened even more by a bit of rough! However, Damon's cum-load into Franky's face was a total turn-on; great job! I'll look forward to seeing more of both of these guys, to be sure. PS: Please could MAP bear in mind that not ALL subscribers are fans of ultra-sheer socks? Their occasional appearance, especially with a dinner jacket, is fine - but I'm sure I'm not alone in finding ultra-sheer socks to be a bit effete on a man. They look too much like women's nylons, IMHO.

SHEERER 10/02/2020
love sheer socks. want more . BIG BIG LOVE