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Movie Comments

Grat Legs,great arse.Excellent smile, and beautiful white teeth. Definetly a MAP man.I would like to see him in a double or a trio

Nice cumshot but all together not for me.

perry 03/03/2010
He has a great smile. He seams to be a nice young man. I would live to see him cast with someone of equal qualities as a love interest. Thank you MAP for bringing us such high quality films. Perry.

rolandino 03/03/2010
casing are not as horny as they useg to be. reason: matt is not taking part any more. or to candidates at the same time...

Valance 03/03/2010
wow, i will see fuck him!

Where did all the smart and classy buisnessmen go? Sorry, too much "buff tattoo/ pirced shaved head" guys showing up on the site....what did happen to guys like Carl Wilde, Glenn, Steve Hunt etc.

I totally agree with you, sorry that Men at Play is loosing it´s cool sexy businessman concept. Where are the refined, slick suitguys that used to be this wonderful site? Seems that tatoofetish is replacing the suitfetish. Sees like the founders are get

Same line of thinking - where are the beautiful men in suits - that take care of their body - not shave, pierce and tatto it! Looking for class - not cheep ass!

C'mon Matt n Rico ... I pay membership to see sexy men in suits ... Then a mid week update might be exciting ... No disrespect to this guy or the others ... lets see some men at play men in suits ...

sugar_ 03/04/2010
well cos i know this guy,if you like to see him on suit , check his profile on gaydar he is really hot with the beard and the suit

All to your own. Borring!!!

Not that I expect physical perfection (and this fellow is a long way from it - for me) but I couldn't help thinking that the last time he wore a suit would have been as the defendant in a district court case. Still, pretty enough if you're into the shave

fly69 03/05/2010
zeig uns deine pussy :)

Was für ein Blödsinn

seems like a nice guy but how boring... not handsome at all and very average body

russcub 03/07/2010
hot in a rugged looking way, nice warm smile, nice body.

Selten dämliche Bemerkung!

he'd be a lot hotter with a BIG dildo up his ass!

God you guys are so mean to Matt and Rico - the point of casting is to let MAP see how the guy performs and see his whole body in action - that's the only way they can tell if he'd work suited up and if the guy works well with cameras and looks good on

77mojito 02/07/2013
not nothing spectacular. However, I was expecting something exciting. From Cyprus ? a boring export.