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Movie Comments

Higladius 12/13/2019
WOW... one of the best scene of the year

TerronK69 12/13/2019
This is great! And I love the sounds of JP taking in that big dick. I love it!

tiedupsuit 12/13/2019
Thrilled that both suits stayed on. Love watching and hearing a handsome suited man gag on a big cock

ROBICART 12/13/2019
Just about perfect: two good looking, sexy men, good foreplay, great displaying hard dicks then exposing of dicks; great sucking dicks; really good fucking with good cum shots. One of MAP's best. Thank you, thank you!

Excellent 12/16/2019
There is something sexy about the dialogue, just like when Franky is so impressed that JP is so huge and exclaims "wow", "nice"... I think both actors showed us how turned on they were with each other. Loved all the scenes, especially the ones with Franky enjoying JP's black socks. Am also glad that patent leather shoes seem to be making a comeback too.