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Movie Comments

mickey52 05/05/2010
dull....can I get a refund?

Rainer75 05/05/2010
Wow, what a nice and sexy guy! No piercings, no tattoos, well-kept hands and a winning boyish smile - this fits perfectly to the row of classy MAP-men. He is worth to look at even without a suit! Last but not least, also stylish MAP is porn, I'm happy to

I'd like to see him in action with another guy before a final judgment....

I agree with Rainer75, nice looking guy well groomed and a lovely cock with a good mushroom head. Let's see some suit action now!

I loved Rico's re action of disbelief when the guy said '' Im 35. '' '' HUH ? No kidding ? WOW !! really, are you sure ? WOW !! OK, cool, WOW !! '' ( Thats a no then ) If he's 35 then Im the Queen of Sheba., he should go back to being an accountant, s

Rainer75 05/05/2010
Hi Queen of Sheeba, who cares the age when somebody is so sexy? 35 - well, he is in a good shape, why he should cheat?

Rainer75 05/05/2010
If a cosmopolitan intelligent man is dull you should quit your membership and go to an ordinary primitive porn side you will find somewhere in the gutter of the web. And yes, then I will give you refund.

Sheplad 05/05/2010
why such mean-spiritedness and negativity? he's an attractive man who is real, not an airbrushed model ... surely that's the point of the castings feature? personally, i love it that these guys share themselves with us in this way. some of them may not ma

My question is why do the cameramen interact with some of the models and not others? I thought this guy was fine but needed some encouragement. The environment seemed a little hostile to me. This guy was treated like some kind of specimen under a micro

hard_rider 05/07/2010
very attractive natually. Use to like it when camera person would help models and touch. Thought it was kind of hot. Great Cumshot!

May7 otcbrown is right on target! This "interview" is reminiscent of the Inquisition. The subject is a charming multilingual European man whom I'd love to meet and with whom I'd like to become acquainted. He has nice anatomy, is multilingual, and well-t

Rainer75 05/08/2010
That's my opinion also. An interesting intelligent man - and lucky for us he has an exibionistic necessity. Hope Matt and Rico will use it and present us with him much more.

eddiegd 05/09/2010
I'd like to see this man having anal sex (as a top) with another man... a younger one maybe... 20-something

I didn't mind the interview process - with guys who speak English as a second language it will always be a little bit ackward. I thought Mark was perfect MAP material and would work well in a suit. Good natural body and a nice big cock that stays hard t