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Movie Comments

Carlos Miranda 06/24/2022
Sean Wiss looks so elegant n those ultra sheer socks! Great scene and looking forward to see Vicenzo also wearing ultra sheer socks (instead of gold toe socks)in future scenes.

Wow 06/24/2022
This one made me horny throughout. There were a lot of scenes showing both guys in black socks (sometimes we tend to get one out of the two), I liked the parts where we got to see both cocks rubbing against each other, and finally the scene where Diego ejaculates on Sean was just perfect. He erupts like a volcano, and at the end we see his cum splattered all over Sean's hair and face which is simply erotic. I also liked the dynamic between the two. No power play, just two guys enjoying each other.

JJ 06/24/2022
Hot scene with a great pairing. Looking forward to seeing more of Sean.

M 06/25/2022
Looks like Diego has a bit of tummy but he looks sexy regardless... would have loved to see him naked here while fucking

Francois 06/26/2022
Examen the intern's prostate, Doc!

S 06/30/2022
More Sean! He looks amazing, especially when he has his cock just hanging out of his pants!