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Movie Comments

WeHoDad 11/03/2012
Great job by crew and actors. Loved the close-up shots of the rimming. Do wish, Neil would let his bush grow. I loved the closing shot. Thanks!!!!

Love the sheer sox

Not working on iPad

Love Neil Stevens - SOOOO HOTTT But agree, wish he would let the bush grow!

Wonderful... the rimming was scorching hot. Love it! just wish we could get more of NEIL STEVENS showing his own hole/being rimmed and bottoming. He's one of MAP's finest.

tooshiny 11/06/2012
Love the scene on the floor when you see fucking in shoes and socks - so horny!!

olderbutsexy 11/07/2012
Neil is true blue and Mike a hunky kid - glad he came so well while riding Neil. Wel done guys!

suitedattitude 11/08/2012
Wonderful set up and a great start but disappointing there was almost no chemistry when they got down to it.

Minute 14:04 nice shot of leather sole shoes and sheer socks. I think Neil Steven is looking for Justin Harris.

MMMMM-just like my night the other day!...very nice!

mike colucci sure loves to take dick and is really good at it!

tauberjja 01/06/2013
Glad to see Neil back and looking as good as ever

One of the best! Great that Neil's back & looking fabulous going commando at last. Also loved his shaved look.

Okay 03/09/2013
No pubic hair, and no use of the tie ):

Their's cocks are really big and I couldn't help myself when I saw the sheer socks and shinny shoes!!

duckbod 08/21/2017
Really sexy men . What would turn me on with this guy is for him to be seen to be thoroughly fucked