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Movie Comments

robicart 05/10/2019
I must have missed the part where Alexander sucks Dani's big dick.

toolelover 05/10/2019
Glad to see Dani's beautiful chest exposed. Dani always looks good with his little dick erect as he rides cock. Just too bad he didn't take a facial.

tiedupsuit 05/10/2019
Love seeing a suited guy get face fucked hard. Wish Alexander's suit had remained on

Suitman63 05/10/2019
the models are nice but the suits come off too much and where is Hector when you need him (I presume retired?)

Macnbrd3 05/10/2019
This was a very hot film. Truly looking forward to more of Alexander.

CutawayShirt 05/10/2019
I normally stop the film, when all ties are taken off. But Alexander is so amazing, couldn’t stop watching him. Please make more films with Alexander Muller. Dani is fantastic, one of my favorite actors.

pornboy1 05/10/2019
Alex Muller is a stud: Love his sexy grin, wide cock, bushy pubes, hot face. More of this guy! This is a great movie

pornboy1 05/10/2019
dont listen to the guys who want the suits to stay on the entire time. Then we cant see their socks and their hot bods.

masstiehemd 05/10/2019
this video is very good until the 17 th minute / 28. And very good! two gentlemen for well dressed in their suit tie AS YOU LOVE SU M A P. and here is the disaster! the super sexy sequences in tie suit turns into banal porn of two guys naked and fucking. no no no. I would have liked to see this handsome young man Alexander receive on his beautiful shirt and on his tie the cum shots that Dany is customary .... some very good sequences in the 17 minutes of the beginning: 1 Alexander's seduction operation through the SUPER showcase 2 when Dany is lying on the couch and Alexander is driving his cock in the mouth the sequence is super well filmed with very exciting shots

Jack60 05/10/2019
Tasty - but some more suited up ass sniff n seam play would have made this a classic - jus sayin -:)

angeleshott 05/11/2019
Is time to see Dani in an executive orgy....all wearing suits and hot sheer socks. After dining out, these 4 executives take Dani to a hitel or apartment, each one waiting for his turn to fuck Dani in the mouth and ass. All this action on a white linen king size bed. With a great finale of cum on Dani's hairy chest. Altersin is the perfect director for this scene. Please lets see this fantasy at Menatplay.

Jo2chris4 05/11/2019
This is a very hot film. Two very well dressed hot ManAtPlay-Actors. Welcome Alexander Muller in the ManAtPlay-Familiy. I hope we will see you again. Alexander and Dani are a wonderfull couple. Alexander gives Dani what he needs: A hard fucking in mouth and sweet hole. I love it, when Dani lies - dressed whis Suit and Tie and hot socks - on the couch and Alex fucks him hard in his mouth and beg more, more ... (I' getting rock hard of thinking this).

map8223519 05/12/2019
Alexander has to come back! he is so hot and passionate! Maybe put him in sheer socks next time. Always love Dani, especially when he is in those socks and suit!

explorer310 05/12/2019
Dani Robles is always wonderful. Wish he had taken a facial. Then it would be perfect!

pje82151 05/13/2019
Fantastic! Love Alexander; lots more of him, please. And great cumshots -- the perfect icing for this cake! P.S. HATE this new font you're using; very difficult to read.

robicart 05/26/2019
The opening scene is really great.