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Movie Comments

Nice 05/22/2020
The final cum scene was so erotic. Teddy cumming all over Ethan's black socks, then Ethan transferring the cum from his socks to his mouth, and then Teddy staining Ethan's socks with even more cum.

Cubby 05/22/2020
Don’t get me wrong, I am a Teddy fan... but he’s gotta get a hair cut. The mullet/Corky St. Clair cut needs to go. Kinda distracting.

JacKing_Mike 05/22/2020
Teddy Torres is such a hot man. Watched many of his flicks and each time I bust out a huge load all over mysekf

Jochris_Suitlover 05/22/2020
A big A+++ to MenAtPlay!!! In this hard times, i think it is not easy, to get actors. In the last weeks you present us very hot films with sexy wellsuited men to play with each other and with their sexy suits. This week Ethan Chase in his supersexy suit and tie is a realy eyecatcher! Teddy Torres is welldressed to, but his barber should counselled him better ;-) Nice shoe and sock play. Only the sheer socks from Ethan Chase are a little bit to short. Sorry. Two hot actors! Very nice and sexy suits, ties and shoes. Good and very hot play from Ethan and Teddy!!! Stay healthy together and thank you ManAtPlay!!!

CityBoy 05/22/2020
Shirts are strange, collars seem too short for a tie.

Arno_nl 05/22/2020
I agree with Cityboy. Also, no double cuffs and the tie is also not my style. Some silk shine would be better. Personally hairy asses and big tatoo's are a turn off.

Sock 05/22/2020
It would be wonderful if we can have the men to fuck or rub on the socked feet till cum. On a patterned socks

icewheel 05/23/2020
i like teddy, but i don't know about that hairstyle. not really appealing. it's distracting and not in a good way

MTMSLG 05/24/2020
So mullets are a thing now? Corky St. Clair! Cubby that was great!

Majestic12 05/25/2020
Fully agree with earlier comments about the shirts the guys are wearing. One of the things I really like about "MAP" is the quality of the double cuff business shirts the guys normally wear.

Francois 07/11/2020
11 July 2020 Happy Bastille Day, Teddy! J'adore ton gros cul!

DavisLeConte 08/09/2020
9 August Just can't get enough of Teddy's big hairy ass being fucked: he was so willing and submissive, and the screen shots were fabulous!

Ben 11/22/2020
Ethan Chase should have gone to the airport and met me in the business lounge...