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Movie Comments

Wow 01/07/2022
A five star performance. Dani's cumshot is nothing short of amazing. He is the best. And I love the intensity Franky shows when he is sucking cock and when he takes in Dani's black socked feet.

François 01/07/2022
I want more of that hot Dani ass!

air4711 01/09/2022
Great, Franky and Dani are a perfect couple. !!! More of that !

Carlos Miranda 01/16/2022
I was expecting to see both actors wearing Ultra Sheer socks since both love sheer socked fetish. Will wait for their next scenes

Blk436 04/06/2022
I wish they were wearing cotton socks

Fking drool 05/03/2023
Love Franky cumming inside! We don’t get enough of that on here and it’s so hot