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Movie Comments

CarlosMiranda 06/11/2021
Exquisite tuxedo, amazing actors, elegant sheer socks, extraordinary chemistry.....LOVE IT! . A dream come true to see Dario wearing fine sheer socks and tuxedo and Oliver worshipping Dario's sheer socked feet. Thank you MAP!

Vitopes 06/13/2021
Extremely sexy video Love Dario sheer feet, just beautiful

AlArt 06/15/2021
Love this sexy video. Hot hairy ass.

Sir Shiny Shoes 06/16/2021
This would have been a great opportunity for real white tie and tails and some decent patent leather shoe play … but it was hot none the less!

Vito 06/20/2021
Dario feet are amazing really hot in sheers

Furlover 07/18/2021
Dario Beck and his very Hairy ass get fucked, yeah that‘s it, great

daned0205 12/22/2021
OMG! Dario Beck in sheer socks?! I turned into a nuclear explosion of feathers everywhere with this vid!!!! Please, do it again. His feet are beautiful...stunning. Could not get enough! Sparked my fetish for sheer socks like no other vid! Truly, I simply drooled before becoming a year-long member. Next time, if you put sheers on both, lose the shoes on the top. I hope that you are aware that I'm on paused, up close to the screen, sniffing like an animal. I confess that openly and thank you. I really do love every vid, with/without sheer socks. It's the intimacy that gets me. The kisses, the 'feel-up'. YUM!!!

Carlos Miranda 04/09/2022
Dario is extraordinary in those ultra sheer socks. We need him with Dani Robles, both in tuxedos and ultra sheer socks for next piano lessons.

Scott F 09/01/2023
Wow love a furry ass. I would love to bury my have in that for hours.