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Movie Comments

Suitman63 11/08/2019
Welcome to Drew. If you watch this in high def it is pretty clear that both their suits have cum stains on them. I do think the intensity could be cranked up more with the very simple addition of more verbal relating to the suits e.g. a smirk or a comment when a realises that b has spunk stains on his suit or comments like "do your jacket up" or "straighten your tie" or something in the midst of the sex - it really wouldn't take much.

Messysmart 11/08/2019
New guy is hot especially in that suit, shirt and tie. Great chemistry and role playing between the 2 of them. Shame new guy didn’t get completely covered in cum - seems he would have been up for it. Though seeing the spit all on his suit early on was good.

TOSHIJMX 11/09/2019
LOVED Drew! These pair actually have good chemistry and seem to really be into each other. BUT... again, the formula SUCK + TURN AROUND DROP PANTS + RIM + TOP.... it's so predictable! ALSO getting old... both guys keeping jacket, tie and shirt on, no pants. I would've loved to see these men in their shirts and ties for at least a few seconds. Also, MAP should consider exploiting what every fashion photographer knows: Men in Half-Unbuttoned shirts are HOT!

John 04/01/2022
Love drew.Just so hot in goldtoe socks!!!!!!