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Movie Comments

CutawayShirt 06/07/2019
Perfect Job, great actors, thanks!

tiedupsuit 06/07/2019
Great movie. Would love to get face fucked like Andy while suited. The end if perfect. Love seeing a dark suit sprayed with cum, as well as Leander's light blue stained with lube. Very hot!

Jo2chris4 06/07/2019
Perfect! Mr. Leander and Mr. Star are super HOT ManAtPlay-actors. The suits and ties are very sexy. Also the golden watch and the cufflinks from Mr. Star. Hot fucking and rimming all in suits. And cum at a dark blue pinstripe suit: GREAT. That's it MAP! Good story line, hot guys in suits to the end. Can't wait for part 3 !!! ManAtPlay tell us, where is the office of this brokerage firm. I would like to buy a house and need a broker like Mr. Alexander, Mr. Star or Mr. Leander.

Suitman63 06/07/2019
This has a lot going for it and Leander is a great top. Just keep the suits fully on and find some variety in the suck rim fuck story line if you don't like the sound of stuck records...

robicart 06/07/2019
The Cover shows Leander sucking Andy's dick. I guess that's on the cutting room floor.

Jon62 06/07/2019
Good one. Nice to see Andy sprayed in nice blue suit. Just a shame he took his tie off......

hollandsuit 06/08/2019
Oh boy - this is really good….. Thanx

mtmslg 06/08/2019
Andy is cute for sure, but YAWN. Same scenario week after week: flirt, kiss, fuck. This is a suit fetish site, right? So let's get some variety back. Threesomes, rip-stripping, wet and messy, groups. MAP has become very vanilla. The internet is full of free porn, so when I pay for something, it better be worth it. I have been a subscriber for a very long time, even before you were MAP. And I am loyal. But I am losing my patience.

Satinguy 10/27/2019
WOW! I find Leander so sexy in his suit and so glad he kept it on the whole time - yes that is suit porn!

Suitsfan 03/02/2020
Both guys are seriously hot, as is the suited action! LOVED Leander's cum shower over Andy's smart pinstripe suit jacket; my only disappointment was that neither shirt got ripped open, rather than simply being unbuttoned by the wearer! Would enjoy seeing both of these guys again and again.