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Movie Comments

Rainer75 03/18/2022
Nicholas Bardem is not the tallest guy in porn business, got not the strongest six-pack and isn't gifted with the mightiest penis, but he is the most attractive, most erotic, most impressive, most charismatic, most desirable guy ever. Thank you for "the nuts" to act in front of the camera and gives joyful, satisfying pleasure to the happy audience. In this clip he looks awesome with this dark suit and nice companion of Manuel Reyes. We want to see more, much more of this masculine "god", please. Is there a pairing with Gustavo Cruz possible (clash of the titans!)?

MAPfan 03/18/2022
Any video with Manuel Reyes is a video for me! Love him! So Sexy! So hot!

Davis LeConte 03/20/2022
Give it to him again to renew!

Sock lover 03/23/2022
We need to have cotton or dress patterned socks

Constantine 03/28/2022
Reyes is Hoooooooooot !!!