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Movie Comments

Messysmart 06/19/2020
Great one. Been waiting a long time for another one like this. Suited domination in messy warehouse/garage. Seeing the nice suited guy getting taught a lesson and humiliated. Please do more like this.

ROBICART 06/21/2020
I really like both Ricky Blue and Jonathan Miranda. But this movie is not the best for either one.

PeterMunich 07/04/2020
Very hot and sexy guys. And again: I like the guys in ultrasheer socks.

Suitsfan 08/27/2020
This looked so promising - but I was disappointed that most of the suit abuse had already taken place before the video started. A little oil was added, one short spray of paint and a button was popped off the jacket, but that, the trousers, shirt and tie all then remained intact for the rest of the session. (Why weren't all Jonathan's clothes torn, leaving him to head home in nothing but rags?) The sex was pretty formulaic, Jonathan's cum was wasted onto the floor, but at least Ricky's ended up on Jonathan's clothes. OK as far as it went, but I had hoped for a better 'rough him up' scenario.

Colt Steele 08/29/2020
Thank you Jonathan and Ricky for taking your clothes off for us. It is very much appreciated. Both of you are very good looking men.