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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 03/29/2019
it starts well with two handsome guys well dressed and tie - elegant- after the fuck is traditional, but we like it! sucks, cock in the hole and always tie! For me the end is disappointing = the handsome red guy leaves shirt and tie and the other partners jute on his chest .... we want sperm on his face, shirt and TIE! that's what makes us hard !!!

kevdesu 03/29/2019
Agreed! I know it can be expensive or some may say it’s boring but this is a suit fetish site. You can’t always cum on a suit every week but you can at least use pocket squares, ties, socks and other inexpensive accessories to stay up to date with the suit fetish. Some sexiness I’ve seen from other movies are like: - cumming with the tie tied around the cock then wiping up the cum with the tie - sticking the tie up the ass/wiping the ass with a pocket square - cleaning up cum using a tie, pocket square or sock - cumming inside a sock

stardusted 03/29/2019
Welcome back! Logan

CutawayShirt 03/29/2019
Very nice film, I liked Leander very much and I always love Logan, I’m his fan.

Arno_nl 03/29/2019
Nice looking bloke Leander but posing too much. Next time more natural.

Macnbrd3 03/29/2019
I am a real fan of Logan, but he needs to groom his beard. He loses so much sex appeal with the scruffy beard.

markbind 03/29/2019
Always love Logan, one of my favorites. Leander is hot as well and these two look great paired together and really looked like they were having a good time and enjoying the fucking. Hot movie and premise. Now that they are neighbors this can be a regular thing huh. LOL

Jo2chris4 03/29/2019
Hi, masstlehemd, I agree with you: "It starts well with two guys well dressed an tie - elegant." I LOVE to see Mr. Logan Reed again and introduce Mr. Leander. I LOVE it when Mr. Leander spits beer over Mr. Logan and his suit - MORE OF IT - For me the fucking is very well - always in suit and tie. BUT THE END IS D I S A P O I N T I N G !!! Why must Mr. Leander leaves shirt and tie !!! "WE WANT SPERM ON FACE,

Jo2chris4 03/29/2019
SHIRT AND TIE N O T ON CHEST !!! But ManAtPlay does not react or write to the members. ... Mr. Logan Reed and Mr. Leander you did a good work and I love to watch you both in the film. Jo

Jo2chris4 03/30/2019
UUpss I'm sorry Mr. Moore I wrote your stage-name wrong. We want to see MOORE of you at ManAtPlay. ... But Mr. Reed is a nice stage-name too ... ;-)))

musclefucks 03/30/2019
A sweet movie, nice sex (thanks guys) but that beard on Logan is terrible! He is as sexy as ever mind you, great arse, and Leander is a hunky lad

robicart 03/30/2019
Logan, you were hot! Then you grew that awful long beard.

rickdick 03/30/2019
Logan needs to work on his erection and that long beard is too much ISIS, please cut shorter ! This looks is awful! Black socks are great!

Rainer75 03/30/2019
Mr. Moore looks like a real "hipster" and is very sexy and eyecatching - the beard incredible! And Leander is a real ginger fox with a nice-shaped fox-tail. Must have been a wonderful challenge to fuck this fine bubble-ass of Logan. It looks always delicious when someone big-dicked enters that piece of art.

masstiehemd 03/30/2019

explorer310 03/31/2019
I agree with you completely. Logan's beard at this length is a turn-off.

jrtwice 04/01/2019
Thanks for putting two such hot guys together. Great scene! Have long been a fan of Logan, he can do no wrong. And have been a fan of Leander from back when he only had done X Tube. I hope MAP will have him back again!

RQUEST 04/01/2019
Logan looks so ugly in this flick and I know he is a really pretty/sexy man. I hate the beard although others may like it. Dye that hair blond again and cut that beard off.

williamk 04/03/2019
Logan is as usual stunning. Am impressed with Leander. I have an attraction to "gingers" - reminds me of my first time long-term lover.

mtmslg 04/06/2019
As always, Logan is a god! I'm not into gingers but Leander does have a lot of charisma.

NYCfan 04/11/2019
Ok, seriously Logan’s beard is horrible.

intern2016 04/18/2019
Logan Moore is one hot man but that long beard has to go. I'm sorry but it's just awful. I have met Logan before and he is unbelievably sexy but why cover up your beautiful face. Logan looks the best when he is getting a dick shoved up his ass. Leander is hot too. You should get these two together again.

Wetsuitntie 04/24/2019
Both guys are hot and handsome, and the chemistry between them really works! I've lusted after Logan since I first set eyes on him (although personally I prefer him clean-shaven), and Leander is a very welcome addition to the MAP portfolio of performers. I've only ever seen him in modelling shots on Recon, but he's a natural on video as well! I loved the erotic oral action between them (I'd very happily swallow beer or spit from either of them!), and their sensual enjoyment of each other's bodies was arousing throughout. I was disappointed that none of the cum-shots ended up on Logan's shirt & tie, but another time, I hope?

robicart 06/07/2019
Logan's beard is too long. He looks so much better with a short beard.

intern2016 06/20/2019
Logan Moore is one of the hottest men working in porn but that beard has got to go. It is much to long and it hides his beauty. I met him in Las Vegas once and he is breathtaking. But hiding his looks under the beard is a waste.

Logan5 07/31/2019
Logan Moore is one of the hottest men on your site but that long beard of his in this scene is awful. It totally negates his sex appeal. Bring back the Logan Moore we all know and love.