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Movie Comments

Constantine 03/05/2021
The sound of Dani's groan is bloody! What a sexy scene that Gustavo kissed and licked Dani's sheer socks and fucking him. Really like the sexing scene that the actors are in suits and sheer socks, elegant and wild.

suitedsub 03/05/2021
Whilst the environments and models shift about (but if I see Dani Robles playing a hungry bottom one more time...), the action is too formulaic - suck rim fuck with suits flying off somewhere down the line. Need more variety (groups scenes, solo wanking with mess on suit, blow jobs that go all the way, fucks that are not preceded by suck and rim, etc) - why are porn sites so repetitive?

ROBICART 03/06/2021
So in the lineup of "Latest Movies" Gustavo is sucking Dani's dick. Then that ended up "on the cutting room floor". Guess it didn't "fit". Great guys. Just wish the movie had been a bit more exciting.

rainer75 03/06/2021
Plot doesn't interests me. The suited actors is that what I want. Gustavo Cruz is the best new member in the stable of MAP by far! Such a fine masculine face!! His smile!! Get a boner at once watching him. More stills of his face and veiny ringed hands, please. Make him the new figurehead of MAP and give him more to play very often. He's a star!

DavisLeConte 03/07/2021
7 mar Love Danis zen tattoo on his big fat ass!

Carlos Miranda 03/07/2021
Excellent scene with Dani and Gustavo. Love when Gustavo worshipped Dani's sheer socked feet......that is so hot. Both look so elegant. Will be great to see more threesomes with Dani Robles at MAP.

xxxx 03/09/2021
wish to see shors

Syn123 03/12/2021
Great scene ... always a pleasure to see Gustavo Cruz. But he also should be fucked some more time ... especially getting his beautiful ass rimmed.

Carlos Miranda 03/20/2021
We are anxious to watch another scene with Dani Robles in April 2021....hope is coming as soon as April 2nd!

bearspanked 12/15/2022
Very nice coupling of models and they "played" well together. Great butt smacks on a nice tight suited and bare butt of the employee. Doug

undress 04/03/2023
it would be nice to keep the undressing part of the video