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Movie Comments

CarlosMiranda 10/02/2020
The scene is hot...but is hard to admire full body action inside dark shower. Next time use a well lighted white bathroom to create a better contrast. Missed sheer socks on bottom but I understand the story is not between two executives. ..he has perfect big legs for sheer socks. Will wait for next scene which will be hotter with gorgeous sheer socked Dani Robles.

Eddie 10/02/2020
Amazing job to the directors for keeping up the high quality of the videos. I've been a supporter from the very beginning and remember when every week's comments weren't about socks! This website is not called 'SocksAtPlay'. Although I personally prefer the old school dark socks on these models that used to be on this website, the current comments all seem be fetishisms about sheer socks!? The directors are balancing these tastes nicely. Well done.

Wow 10/03/2020
I love the behind-the-scenes videos. Well done. Hope these will continue.

CarlosMiranda 10/04/2020
Menatplay should continue to produce high quality scenes with gorgeous executives with high purchasing power, therefore wearing elegant suits, fine sheer socks and accessories. This has been the trademark of this website since their early days in London. The whole concept resulted in a special fetish of good taste and elegance.

Suitsfan 10/06/2020
Well said, Eddie! This isn't 'Socks at Play', and the frequent stream of comments praising every appearance of ultra-sheers is becoming more than a little boring. As for 'Shower Play', I find the suited wet action a total turn-on, although in all honesty neither of the actors really does it for me. I'm sure they float the boat for a lot of other subscribers, though, so I look forward to any similar offerings featuring some of my favourite performers in future!