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Movie Comments

Carlos Miranda 05/07/2021
Dario Beck....those red lips, hairy body, and juicy ass......and wearing fine sheer socks, even hotter. Next time try other positions in order to appreciate better his sheer socked legs and feet.

trex 05/07/2021
Great to see Dario back. He looks amazing in the pics and in the clip.

GC 05/07/2021
Oh my god what a hot couple !!!!!!!!

JamesJames 05/09/2021
I don't know how you got Dario back in front of the camera, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

PeterMunich 05/09/2021
Very hot - I would love to see Dario also in ultrasheer socks soon. I also love sheer sock worship action. I love when the guys smell sheer socked feet.

Suitsfan 05/12/2021
I began to get very turned on when, after Gustavo got oil on his shirt, Dario told him he couldn't control himself after seeing Gustavo messed up like that. "You like seeing me dirty?" Gustavo asks. "Is that what you like?" Great, I thought - we're in for some oily mess action here! But no - nothing of the sort. We were straight into the standard MAP formula routine, with the oil stain totally ignored. Why didn't Gustavo pull out the oily dipstick again and wipe it (or at least threaten to wipe it) over Dario's shirt? Or why couldn't Dario take the dipstick and add a bit more oil to Gustavo's shirt himself? Surely some further messy action would have been warranted by that suggestive comment; what a wasted opportunity! I do hope we'll see some suited wet, messy or ripping action in a MAP production again soon. I know I'm not your only subscriber who's very much into that kind of fetish play. Please?