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Movie Comments

Brian74 06/28/2019
Nice to see Data wear OTCs again. Just wish Lukas did as well

masstiehemd 06/28/2019
Just by seeing the illustration of this video, I know that the film will not please me - sorry to say that as quickly - the clues: the young Lukas does not wear a tie, it could be acceptable if his partner wears a tie - which is the case !!! we are for the moment in the growing interest. But still in the image of this video shows that the 2 partners are naked. So it's - for me - the disaster! When a scenario ends so it is no longer our MENATPLAY! it's a banal porn! how many times will it be necessary to repeat that MENATPLAY is a video site for fetishist of the tie suit !!!! and every time you derogate from this rule, all old subscribers like me are frustrated and dissatisfied .... It should be noted however that for a few months the scenarios were more in line with what we like here on MENATPLAY! and also the delivery of the new video every Friday is much more regular. Thanks again to the Menatplay team ...... and always keep in mind that the jute that comes out at each end of the video must flood the tie, shirt or jacket of a partner (at least ) and if they are both, it's the maximum foot !!!!

pornboy1 06/28/2019
Great scene. These two are perfect together. Love the socks & haircuts.

pornboy1 06/28/2019
And good chemistry here; Dato is particularly into lukas’s Ass here

tz4589 06/28/2019
I love how Lukas grabs his feet and ankles while he’s getting fucked.

tiedupsuit 06/28/2019
As always, a great cum shot from Dato. Nice suits. Disappointed that they both undressed.

icewheel 06/29/2019
boring. not feeling lukas.

robicart 06/30/2019
Not the best from either one of the guys.

elunico 06/30/2019
Great sex work and cum shot from Dato..nice to see him wear suit.....tks..Menatplay

metce324 06/30/2019
Another boring and remedial take...the love for suits in the videos is gone and replaced by predictable sucking and fucking. Wish we could see guys fucking and getting fucked in full suits and shoes again :/

Rainer75 07/01/2019
Like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Bad.

kbmack1 07/04/2019
Love the boxers and otc's, more!

Desert Man 08/16/2019
Nice cum routine. Handsome guys, but Lukas would be even more so, if he'd trade his tinker-toy haircut in for a man's haircut. Naked is nice. And, what's so bad with Laurel & Hardy? They always spoke very highly of YOU.