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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 05/17/2019
not even finishing the vision of the video, we see immediately that the suit tie is not in the spotlight. The directors do not care about customers and we fall into the banality of a porn movie. I find this film without elegance! the only actor in costume does not seem comfortable and we understand that he will get rid of it very quickly! BAD, BAD, BORING AND BAD,

Jo2chris4 05/17/2019
I agree totally with "masstiehemd"! No elegance. No SuitAndTie-Fetish. Sorry Mr. Miracle and Mr. Paco but this film is a "not".

Wetsuitntie 05/17/2019
The climax wasn't so good it needed repeating three times. The licking and kissing at the very end was great, though!

colik 05/17/2019
One of the worse movies made.

sockswpb 05/18/2019
What??? is this MAP????.....

icewheel 05/18/2019

Suitsocks 05/18/2019
Sorry MAP. Not the best. You have sexy actors , the scene had endless possibilities but you lost it. We didn t even see any shoes and socks. Your a suit fetish site shoes and socks are a MAJOR part of the fetish. Will wait for next week. I'm sure it will be great again. Thank you

masstiehemd 05/18/2019
you're very optimistic Suitsocks, since I joined this site (actually from the beginning), in my opinion there is more down than high in the videos produced by Men At Play ..... but we remain all the same faithful, sometimes with genius encounters like Hector who was the perfect representative of the MAP fetish. but he decided to sulk production, it's a shame !!!!

masstiehemd 05/18/2019
We must say those we like like Dani or Corner Habib, Damon Heart with Hector, Dario Beck, Dean Monroe, Justin Harris, Kyle King, Leander, Ludovic Canot, a former missing Marcel, Patick, Race Cooper, a man of color that we do not see often, but who is very good and who wears very well the tie suit, still a former Super: Rick Bauer, Steve Hunt, Steve Hooper who is not gay but who masturbates very well in a tie suit! a good one too in Woody Fox tie suit!

musclefucks 05/19/2019
Hot fucking, gracias hombres

robicart 05/19/2019
When is MAP going to return to the good days when two good looking men in suits present a good show?

Rainer75 05/24/2019
Two very hoz hunks! But Paco in ordinary clothes? Remember him wearing that shimmering silver suit? This guy never looks better dapper clothed. A lost chance.

Marco Rivera 06/07/2020
Two hot, manly men going at it. Paco always looks great with a huge cock pumping in and out of his hairy ass. Great scene.