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Movie Comments

Constantine 11/05/2021
Well ,Damon played such a great TOP in this movie, specially the licking scene.

Shoeplay 11/05/2021
I think that better shoe fetishists leave this place because it is no longer something you see here, not everyone excites our socks you have to vary in fetishes and you only already make videos for socks fetishes it is the only thing you focus on anymore or suit because the suit flies away after 5 minutes and leave aside that the Fetish is very wide. I brought formal shoes and I hope they take it into account or better because their directors refresh themselves with ideas or let us know if the site is only going to focus on socks

Wow 11/05/2021
I have mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed the sock worship, although I prefer black socks that are not sheer (I know there is the other camp that wants sheer so you are trying to do something for both). I didn't enjoy the dominant-submissive roles. It was a little too dramatic for me with all the screaming.

nycsuited 11/05/2021
This video was so hot! Loved the way Damon was talking to Joel throughout this scene. Definitely gonna keep coming back to this one.

Scott 11/06/2021
I have to second what WOW said about sock worship scenes -- personally I am a fan of black cotton socks and am not too excited about the sheer ones. Appreciate others may have their own preference, but it is a pity to see weeks after weeks of sheer sock worship scenes only, and would like to see more plays on the black cotton ones.

schroeder65 11/06/2021
One of the Hottest Scene ever!!! Damon Heart & Joel Someone...They are the Best!!!

Francois 11/09/2021
Give me a neighbor like Damon!

sockswpb 12/02/2021
great video, love the socks play.

daned0205 12/23/2021
I must respectfully disagree with a few of my brothers on this thread. MAP does an excellent job of displaying what we all want as a fantasy; gorgeous men in suits, having sex with their socks on their feet. I love sheer, nylon and cotton socks. I even love fishnet socks for men! (Check eBay, it will be shocking!). I also love bare feet. I get it all at MAP. This particular vid is representing the emotional fantasy as well, of a dominant (Mr. Heart) simply taking what they want. There are a quite a few in the MAP stable of men that can do this well. But I have taken particular interest in Mr. Heart. Whether he is bottom or top, he gives that dominance an extra 'push' in his acting. And yes, I am a fan of both actors. Joel Someone is another 'pretty' man in the MAP stable of men. He is fairly new to MAP. I have a feeling he will end up like Dani Robles. Mr. Someone is also versatile, top or bottom. This vid he is a delicious bottom. Can't wait to see who they pair him with to top!

Love sock 02/07/2022
The socks fucking is great. However it would be great if it is patterned socks

Jeff 11/20/2023
Beautiful pink hole