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Movie Comments

CityBoy 08/09/2019
Film is good, the quality of image is impressive. Shirts are very different as usual. I personally prefer the more elegant full or normal cutaway collar shirt.

Metoyou 08/09/2019
Who dressed these guys? It looks like I’m watching a video off (and that’s not a good thing). You’re known for having the best dressed suit guys in porn..don’t kill that. You’ll loose well paying clients that have lasted since early 2000’s. Trust me.

Stardusted 08/09/2019
No more sheer socks, ugh.

ROBICART 08/09/2019
Just mediocre.

DutchSuit 08/09/2019
Looks really cheap.

exectop 08/09/2019
This is a porn scene! This was the worst direction and film-editing.....clients want to scene the actors body, full body foreplay, the penetration and the fucking action and interpersonal engagement!! There were weird shots which lasted too long, editing did not follow the action, and too many shots of faces and distant shots. The camera should be up front and very personal.....we want to see the action as if the viewer were doing the fucking..... What a shame - Max is a hot model and can certainly display his bottoming skills better than this scene provided. Jean can be dominating and hot - Suit sex is fine, but this scene was shot like two suits were fucking - not two porn actors! This is porn, the viewer wants skin, action and emotion - but this. Please re=edit this scene - it has the potential to be very HAWT! Unfortunately this scene is not!!

Hot exec 08/09/2019
The shirts of these guys are terrible , awful , however , the sheer socks with garters are very hot

Metoyou 08/09/2019
For all you guys looking for naked porn action, go pay for a subscription at one of the one million sites available to you. This is s suit and tie fetish site and if you don’t like it, you can go somewhere else. I’m sick of hearing the rants about not enough skin. Some of us have been paying since 2001 as this was one of maybe two sites that offered a suit and tie fetish site.

musclefucks 08/10/2019
But guys ... I am not a suit fetishist but it's fine when the film is so well=produced, which this is not ... TERRIBLE camera work, a waste of such excellent men. Deffo not up to standard

icewheel 08/10/2019
camera work and editing made the film impossible to appreciate. i actually did like the clothes. it's at least something different. overall not good.

Mister Pinstripe 08/10/2019
Couldn't agree more with both messages of metoyou: the shirts are awful, cheap crap indeed, for me a reason to be very critical on this scene. However: if you don't appreciate suit&tie and look for naked stuff: please feel free to go somewhere else (how on earth could you miss the fact that this is a fetish site when you subscribed?). To say something positive as well: the second cum shot is potentially very hot, but indeed, unfortunately, not filmed very well. As often, the camera turned away and was switched off to soon: we would have been lovely to see the cum drenched face from the other side as well, and in general it is very attractive to see guys for a while after they delivered…..

suitsex 08/10/2019
I love the sheer socks and garters!

Andreas 08/15/2019
This is supposed to be a suit and tie fetish site I've been with it since its beginning when it was in the hands of Matt and Rico. It seems since they were bought out by this new company let raise the prices, and took the download feature off of the $90 for 6-month package. They are all about the money. And if you just want to be another skin site where all the clothes comes off that's your choice but I will not remain with you. You can find skin sites everywhere probably a million companies.

MASTIEHEMD 08/16/2019
Despite the quality of the shirts that have encountered a problem, I enjoyed this video! Jean Franko remains dressed all the sequence and the quality of his jute is not a defect.

more sheer socks and loafers 12/27/2019
more sheer socks and loafers

aktivnylon 04/07/2020
more ultra sheer socks please - I love those sheer socks!

marcantony2 09/20/2020
Well I loved it,all. Keep giving us the thrill of the game,I'm yours M.A.P.