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Movie Comments

musclefucks 12/23/2016
Great sex boys ,,, gracias. Nice to have the tag line. Will we see the stag party too?

chillychaz 12/23/2016
Poor quality shirts on the models..and the naked lady pic is a turn off

joedoe1000 12/23/2016
A perfect movie for Menatplay..the scenario, the theme, the dialogue, the clothing (specially the red long sheer socks)....all is fabulous! I agree with Musclefucks, Part 2 shoould be the real Stag Party with stripper wearing white shirts and red sheer socks and the top clients wearing suits and very sheer socks. What a blast will have all those men! Thanks MAP for this Christmas present. Hope the one for New Years Eve is with tuxedo and fine black sheer hot!

LORIS 12/23/2016
I agree - poor quality of shirts and I am a little bit bored watching the same models - Denis Vega again and again with his eternal moanings... Enough - besides he is not and will never be a real MAP man. What happens with so cute Philip Zyos or Carter Dane ? We haven't seen them for quite some time now.

wolfioti 12/23/2016
Same old same old....and those hideous red hose.

Cali-suit-shoot 12/23/2016
Agreed- could have done it with their eyes closed- way too much moaning, right from the start- not sexy, and it could have been- more flirting and seducing. Please follow up with the actual stag party- guys talking dirty, sucking, fucking and squirting all over each other.

LeoMap15 12/24/2016
I assume this was just to keep cranking out content, so I think Flex can be used better than this. But I am happy he is still doing videos with MAP. Huge fan of Flex!

sparty 12/24/2016
Love Denis and Flex but all the moaning is way too much. More foreplay and kissing would be great.

Sherman 12/24/2016
Dennis, as director, this was your worst video. To start, you and Flex have no "hair" around your cocks. Not exciting. Dennis, you should consider working with Mark, Dario, and Jean. They have great long, thick, "hairy" cocks and "hairy" asses. Those three are enjoyable to watch.

Sherman 12/24/2016
I meant Mike, Dario & Jean......those three are "your best of show" today.

Sherman 12/24/2016
Dennis, stop all the moaning & even you & Flex "cum shots" we're bad. Just a bad video. 15 minutes of wasted time.

Rainer75 12/25/2016
It is a paradox. I really love the masculinity of Denis Vega - he is a superstar in male porn. Also I like Flex - he oozes nastyness and knows to handle a cock. Both together would have made it a firework of eroticism. But it didn't work. Maybe we have seen both hunks too often, maybe both actors have no chemistry with each other - don't know. But the result is unequivocally: Boring. Extremly boring. We need fresh wind and unencumbered actors such as Nick Capra or Adam Ramzi. Start through in 2017, guys!!!

everhard12321 12/25/2016
I agree. To me there are two problems with "The Stag". First, there's no real storyline here. Denis Vega is still finding his way as a director. Of the three films he has directed for Menatplay, "Affairs of State" was the only one the demonstrated skill and a clever plot. Second, despite their good looks and the catalogue of hot films they have given us, Flex and Denis Vega have become too familiar to MAP viewers. These men are now overexposed (incidentally, it looks like Flex needs to spend more time in the gym). I love both of them and want to keep seeing them in MAP films, but MAP should court and utilize new talent and expand its roster of actors beyond Latin/Mediterranean and Anglo men.

NylonOTCs 12/26/2016
Very nice Gents!!!..Flex is fine as wine!!!...Denis Vega totally awesome.....I agree with Joedoe1000 but!...Black OTC Nylon sheers would be really cool. Solid black cap heel and toe wtih sheer soles...mmmmmmmmmmm....HOT!!!...Thx! for a cool Christmas flavor here!!!

Gael1206 12/26/2016
The videos on this site are getting to be a little too much of the same guys doing the same thing. The suit concept is still hot but MAP needs to mix it up a little. How about more 3ways or groups?

coltego 12/29/2016
Another bunch of lame close ups from MAP. We need wide shots, man. Especially when you have a fetish concept. Show the whole guy in suit, not just face or dick and vice versa. There is straight porn for faceless cocks. And I agree, same thing, same angles. Yawn! Show them full size. Make them walk, show off, take it out , shake it, dance etc. I'd sign up for life for a site with imagination, and wide shots!

Savasmem 05/24/2021
Flex 'le tanışıp onu 24 saat aralıksız sikebilirim.bana ulaşırsa offf.