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Movie Comments

kevdesu 03/27/2020
Wow, this movie was really hot. Really loved the tie and sock play.

Suitsfan 03/27/2020
These two are probably the best 'actors' I've seen on MAP; both played their roles to perfection! And Franky is HOT; he could drop his spit (and then his cum) into my open mouth anytime . . . I wish there had been some ripping of their fine clothes, but the cum-messing and tasting at the end was excellent! ;-)

Nick 03/27/2020
Love it! I know a lot of people love the sheer socks but I kinda miss the old ones that don't look like mini get more colored socks!

82151 03/27/2020
I'm not really a fan of Drew's, but he was quite good here. Franky is a welcome new face, hot and a good actor. I'd love to see more of him -- maybe in water -- to show off his sexy, hairy chest. Very well done, and ending with two hot cumshots. Five stars.

Frodo 03/27/2020
WOWWWWWWWW great movie and the Chemistry between both of them Feet lovers great Thanks guys

PhilKent 03/27/2020
This has got to be the hottest video on MAP ever. Wonderful. Too of the hottest actors. Have to admit AMA big fan of socks/foot worship but these two took it to another level. Brava

Tiefun 03/27/2020
Hot video. Shame we didn't see any tie loosening. Franky could have loosened Drew's tie and undone his top button for him. Not seen tie loosening for weeks. Will we see some soon?

Blk 03/27/2020
Hope to have some cotton socks

johnnyt43 03/27/2020
WOW was a wonderful believable story and hot actors the too there time and looked like they enjoyed the time together not rushing to the climax. loved getting to see a little underwear and just a great interaction between both guys. thanks Map for an awesome job

CityBoy 03/28/2020
One of my favorite movies now! Both actors are awesome, they keep shirt and tie on until the and, that’s perfect. They cum intensively and with a big load. I want more!

Mr. Pinstripe 03/28/2020
Guys, you are getting better and better…. Thank you for another great update!

BearS33 03/29/2020
Awesome and very HOT...Franky and Drew are sweet and very distinguish men and Frankly cock is great and perfect fit for Drew hole.. Clothing on and cumming on tie and tasting cum....Hot!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Wow 04/03/2020
Wow. Thanks MAP. This was beyond amazing. Can't get any better. Both actors did a great job. Loved the socks. Black, thin, nylon socks and not too sheer (that it looks feminine). And the shiny pair of shoes too. And there is something very erotic about watching Franky. I think it is the dialogue.

Brian74 04/03/2020
Amazing movie ! Love the sock play! Keep up the good work

Sock Lover 04/04/2020
What an excellent script. I believe Franky was already wearing black socks himself, but he asked Drew to provide him with socks and shoes. Possibly because he wanted to be turned on by wearing someone's socks. And when Drew tries to remove Franky's socks, he asks him to keep them on. With that, he was giving a cue to Drew that he was a sock lover.

icewheel 04/05/2020
really great chemistry between them, exceptional script, socks scenes were perfect

aktivnylon 04/08/2020
I love those really sheer nylon socks! More please.

SMILING 06/03/2021
One of my all-time favorites. These guys COMMIT. Just so damn erotic.

Lisbon 05/15/2022
Perfect chemistry with really well done sick scenes It’s completely different when socks scene are done with actors that seem to really enjoy I can watch this video on and on