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Movie Comments

hollandsuit 04/26/2019
No double cuffed shirts? What happened to the MAP clothing quality??

Mick4984 04/26/2019
THIS is more like it! Instead of the delicate girly-looking guys that have infested MAP the last few years this is back to real rough masculine looking men fucking each other and licking each others ass. Keep it coming, its almost like the glory days of Ted Colunga or Jed Wilcox, bring back the real men.

icewheel 04/26/2019
excellent scene and stellar performances. enjoyed the different filming and angles

pornboy1 04/26/2019
Love Francois good addition. Don’t like the sheer & clear socks. They look like panty hose.

Suitsocks 04/26/2019
HOT MEN ! HOT SCENE ! what are those socks ??

musclefucks 04/26/2019
Wow, Francois still rules, oKKKKKKKK, and Tyler is a sexy piece. Merci, gents

stardusted 04/27/2019
Yes, no more sheer socks, too girlie

Sugarman06 04/27/2019
The sheer socks were great. Infuse some foot play into the sex

Suitman63 04/27/2019
I'm afraid Francois is not my cup of tea at all. There have been many comments about these overly bulky macho types not being "suit"able over the years. Is this a series as I would like to have seen more of Mr White boss suit.?

mtmslg 04/28/2019
Francois is not for me. That wacco hairstyle! He's just not 'suited' for an office/professional environment. Looks more like aging rough trade.

ANTONIO 04/29/2019
amazing, socks n shoes make me hard

brian74 04/29/2019
Simply awesome! Best movie in quite a while. Loved the models, sheers, suits, story and overall scene. More please!

didierlong 04/30/2019
great François I love those so sexy socks Next time show François's ass which is so gorgeous .. once more ...

Sugarman06 04/30/2019
Movie not bad. Weird edits, like the pants coming off then them being completely not visual. Socks were fine, just infuse some foot play into some of your scenes like with Denis Vega.

johnnycake 05/01/2019
Incredibly hot! Sexy situation; handsome guys; fantastic socks!!!!

sheerscs 05/02/2019
Very hot, is very good to see sheer socks back in the films. Great¡

angeleshott 05/03/2019
Both actors are very masculine and well dressed in suits, dress shirts, sheer socks (those are not girlie pantyhose ) and lace up shoes...super sexy. These actors are self confident and wear hpt sheer socks which is a fashion seductive accesory. I will recommend to see more sheer socked foot play in future scenes. The whole scene is lovely and hot. Thanks MAP and Altersin for working together to bring back glamour with suited-sheer-socked executives to our screens. Don't let negative comments interfere with your future productions...MAP is about sexy executives wearing nice clothes from neck to toes(including garters, sheer socks and lace up leather shoes -those indicate style and purchasing power) Bravo!

Cumchumforyou 07/16/2019
Although Francois Sagat is super hot and his cum shot got me going, this scene lacked something. Maybe because we didn’t get to see Francois shirtless. Maybe because he turned into a bottom rather than top. Maybe the guy listening in could have caught them or at least watched for a bit. Next scene could have then been Francois expanding his reputation around the office and getting his boss to join in. All just a bit lacking. More Francois please but on top showing his fantastic bubble butt.

skip woods 08/03/2019
Good scene. I like Tyler Berg. He's hot and sexy. He also has a great cock. Would like to see some foot worship in your future scenes.

Luka 08/12/2019
MTMSLG - it's a fantasy mate - impossible plus improbable x

aktivnylon 04/07/2020
More ultra sheer socks please - so hot!

Francois 07/13/2020
13 juillet 2020 Happy Bastille Day, Francois!

CarlosMiranda 01/18/2021
I love this scene. Hot built actors wearing suit and fine accessories. We need Franciis and Tyler back wearing sheer socks, so seductive and love hard sex.