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Movie Comments

Sock 10/09/2020
I don’t understand why every sheer socks . We need socks but not those sheer socks

DavisLeConte 10/09/2020
9 Oct Love Dani's culo gigante! He was cumming all over the place!

masstiehemd 10/09/2020
Good performance from Xavi and Dani in this well-tie video! Xavi's cum struggles to reach Dani's outstretched mouth and even harder to spill over his tie !!! but what a waste of the strength of Dani's cum shot which goes on the ground ,,,, it would have been necessary to do the reverse, the result would have been MAGNIFICENT AN OBSERVATION: Dani's look .... he would have had implants for his hairstyle ????

Todd 10/09/2020
omg where is the beard from Dani??? Please let him grow again!

Suitsfan 10/09/2020
Wow - I've never seen Dani Robles without his beard, but I'm pleased to say clean-shaven is a good look on you, sexy man! I've always loved your work, and I very much like seeing all of your handsome face, too!

ROBICART 10/10/2020
Dani, I love you without the beard, or you look good with a short one. Get another dresser, this suit is too small, though I like the color. Always great to see Dani, with or without clothes.

Brisgay 10/10/2020
Disappointed that Dani's trousers came off so fast.

CarlosMiranda 10/10/2020
MenatPlay, the scene is perfect. You used different colored suits, Dani's new look, without beard, is hot and refreshing, the socks are not so sheer in order to satisfy those members that complaint about fine see thru sheers (which I like more because are more elegant and sensual) ...great job. Bring back Dani next time using fine sheer socks in an orgy with other 3 hot sheer socked guys taking turns with him on a white linen bed. That will be extra sensual!

SHEERTNT888 10/11/2020
Please. More ribbed sheer socks! Not just plain sheer socks!

ROBICART 10/11/2020
I love Dani. He's handsome and sexy and a great performer. Kind of cool to see him without his beard. Sorry I couldn't "get into" his partner in this video.

Constantine 10/12/2020
Dani without beard looks like a new star in menatplay. He gave me some new feelings.

Constantine 10/12/2020
Like the new look of Dani, a old-fashioned way, so I suggest making a nostalgic and retro style movie, obviously, with sheer sock on him.

Underwhere? 10/12/2020
Love Dani’s new look, Thought he was a new actor, made it even hotter. Missing the ass in underwear shot, the bulge waiting to get out, just a shot makes the fantasy more real.

sheerer 10/14/2020
big love to sheer socks, want more

Explorer 10/22/2020
Loved Dani in this video without the beard and his cumshot!

rick 01/02/2021
ABSOLUTELY LOVED Dani's look without the beard. Please keep that look for a few videos

Brccca 03/15/2022
Dani is such a great cum shooter I wish he would do more shooting on the other guys suit. Xavi hardly came, kind of a waste.