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Movie Comments

metce324 06/14/2019
i was watching old movies from 2008, 2009 earlier and i was struck by the rawness, the ripped pants, the sleaze factor. and how different the videos are from today. the last few months, the men are beautiful as always and the suits are gorgeous but we have been seeing the same scenario for weeks now. what happened to shoes on, different kinds of shoes (boots etc), bottoms getting fucked through their slacks, spanking, domination, bondage, shoe licking, etc? i love this website but money is hard to come by and i really hope the viewers and myself get to see some of that old rough, sexy, messy, suited play that brought us here in the first place.

pornboy1 06/14/2019
2 of my favorite models. love dario's super hairy hole

Jon62 06/14/2019
Agree with metce324. Could do with more dirty sleeze. Here, great shame Enzo undid and took off his shirt and tie. He looked hot done up. Would like to see them getting down and dirty more.

icewheel 06/15/2019
i also agree with metce324. no creativity in these recent videos.

Suitman63 06/15/2019
Part of the problem is the dire porn laws of the UK... but that said yes still too formulaic

Rainer75 06/15/2019
Two of the most handsome and erotc guys wearing suits and have sex together. Pure and simple. Love the incredible smile of Enzo (the french guys got it) and enjoyed the hairy, veiny, well groomed hands of Dario and licked my lips about the heavy amount of creamy, fat cum both actors where shooting. Porn with no extras - it has its worth just by fabulöus contrahents. Astonishing they do such porn - they could survive and become very successful as ordinary models in the international fashion scene ( like Jay Roberts! ). Good jack-off material.

pje82151 06/18/2019
I've been a subscriber to this site since its inception, so I know what the criticism below is in reference to. However, I must disagree: This was one of your best scenes in a long time. The models were superb, and enough clothing stayed on long enough to keep the critics happy. I'm glad Enzo's shirt came off, as his body is sexier than hell. And Dario can do no wrong. The cumshots were fantastic. Kudos to all involved in its production.

robicart 06/18/2019
Two of MAP's most handsome and sexiest guys. Loved that each sucked the other's dick. Enzo's nipples looked just right for sucking too. Enzo's cum shot was great. Enzo is more handsome with a shorter trimmed beard.

DesertMan 07/09/2019
This video is one of the best in a long while. Two of MAP’s handsomest models looking better than ever. The rubbing together of their fine cocks was an incredible turn-on. Their attraction to one another seemed genuine & the sex was hot with just the right amount of clothing. Well done MAP.

Jeremy 07/17/2019
Enzo's erect nipples are so hot.

AnnoyedUser123 04/04/2020
For the person saying money is hard to come by how about using it for other shit other than gay porn? If you can’t afford it and are complaining like a brat then don’t sign up.

carpenter68 03/14/2021
i´d give a damm shit on my wedding suit to fuck a tight asshole...always turnon a man just nailing out of his pants!