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Movie Comments

fans 05/14/2021
more tnt sox plz

Tuxboy 05/14/2021
Very nice. But u need videos with same situations but with men in tuxedo and patent leather shoes.

Ocean60 05/15/2021
Awesome and great story line of jumping in thevpool.Bruno and Emir are HOT together and grear chemistry. . Enjoy the video.

Suitsfan 05/26/2021
Bruno hit the pool, but missed the mark for me - sorry. Somehow, your MAP writers & directors too often don't seem to 'get' the fact that for some of us, suited wet & messy play is a turn-on. It's sexually arousing - not just an activity to pass the time. Bruno jumps into the pool and climbs back out again without ANY indication he even enjoyed doing it, little less became aroused by it. Emir smiles, at least, but if this was to be a sexually arousing bit of the video, why didn't Emir & Bruno get into a clinch straight after he climbed out of the pool, wetting the front of Emir's suit as Bruno's dripping clothes pressed hard into it? Instead, they just head back inside, where the (no longer dripping) clothes quickly come off, and any wet play interest is forgotten. When you're focusing on sheer socks, you go full on with lingering, lascivious looks, body language, touch and taste, enjoying the sexual arousal involved. The quick 'into the pool and straight back out again' scenario here just suggests that the director fails to see any sexual arousal in it, which kills the pleasure for wet & messy fans like me as well. Very disappointing. {PS: Bruno's rather odd half-turn twist as he jumped into the pool made him look a bit like a performing seal. I'm not quite sure what that was about . . . )