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Movie Comments

Blk426 03/04/2022
Please no more sheer socks. We need different types of sock

Rainer75 03/04/2022
Senior Casio is an impressiv tall hunk with dachshund eyes and hairy lion paws - extremly sexy! Ironically the wettest and most spitty hooker is allowed to climb this Herkules! What luck! Would like to see a gangbang or a helping hands edging with Senior Casio, please!

FeetNSocks 03/04/2022
How can no one at least try to run a finger up and down Joe Casio’s big sexy sheer dress socked feet and find out if they’re ticklish? With all of these super hot men’s feet in thin and sheer dress socks, there must be some tickling to go along with it all!

Davis LeConte 03/06/2022
Dame el culo magnifico de Dani!

Mike 03/08/2022
You have a hot man in a tight wet suit, bent over, back arched, water flowing over his muscles, and the camera still manages to NOT have any focus on his ass. We can watch hot men shower, suck and have fun on most other sites. MAP used to be about the hot man in a SUIT and focused on that.

Suitsfan 03/11/2022
Wetness score: 100%. Scene-setting, build-up of sexual tension, etc: 0.5%. I'd like to have seen Joe Casio looking smart (and still dry) as he entered the shower before starting to soak himself. I'd also like to have seen smartly dressed Dani Robles watching Joe in the shower, and becoming aroused at his wet play, before entering to join him. Instead, he just walks right in, apparently from nowhere, with us viewers completely in the dark as to who these guys are or what their relationship is. Once out of the shower, Dani simply removes and discards his wet clothes - no fun playing with (or possibly ripping) those, then - and we're into the standard MAP playbook of fucking positions prior to climax. Oh, well - they did look great as the water was pouring down all over them, so thanks for that, guys!

MTMSLG 03/12/2022
Love seeing Dani wet! I agree that if you are going to have wet scenes (YES please) then show the models before, during, and after getting wet. And keep the suits on unless they get shredded.